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AAN Poll: GOP Tax Reform Gaining Traction in PA-8

According to a poll of Congressional districts by the American Action Network, the perception of the GOP’s tax reform bill has improved in multiple of the polled districts including Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional district.

The poll has been tracking to see if people thought the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would increase, decrease, or keep their taxes the same.  

In the 8th district, the number of people who thought the bill would increase their taxes fell from 40% in January to 28% in February.  The number of people who believed the bill would decrease their taxes increased by 4%, from 30% in January to 34% in February.  

According to Axios AAN’s poll is “in line with other recently released public polling, including a Monmouth University poll released in late January and a recent New York Times/Survey Monkey poll.”

AAN in a conservative group that has been running ads across the country, including in southeast Pennsylvania.  

According to Axios, the poll was conducted using automated telephone calls by Remington Research Group in 60 districts with a minimum sample size of 800 interviews per district.

10 Responses

  1. I want higher income taxes, sales taxes, and liquor taxes…tolls on all roads and existing tolls should be doubled….minimum wage should be $50/hour…etc. etc

  2. AAN? The Koch Network? Lolololol…. #Sad – how PoliticsPA has become a rightwong Shill outfit… Where is the poll from the PA Communist Party showing how Tax Manipulation bill is 99% unpopular?

  3. At some point this nation’s fiscal irresponsibility is going to crash our entire economy. When China will no long buy the debt of the United States and calls for repayment, that is when our entire system fails and we are on our knees. No wealth to sustain a military, chaos in the streets as our paper currency is worthless – then and only then will the masses realize not collecting a few more dollars from the ultra wealthy was a fools mission. The select few will abandon this country once they realize they have milked every last bit of wealth they can – then they move on to the next conquest.

    1. Crocodile tears. When did Democrats start worrying about debt? Fiscal conservatives have been issuing warnings for years, yet Democrats — and too many congressional Republicans — enthusiastically helped Barry Obama double the national debt in less than eight years.

      If Democrats confiscated the entire assets of the top 1%, they couldn’t cover the debt, and there’d be nothing to tax next year.

      Give me a break.

      1. Democrats have certainly earned their tax and spend tag, but Republicans just spend and spend and spend, never admitting that you can’t cut revenue when you want to keep spending.

        1. So, you’re judging the outcome before the results are in. JFK cut tax rates and Treasury receipts soared. So did Reagan, with the same results.

          I criticized certain Rs in my comment, but one cannot credibly overlook that rate cuts, growth and revenue increases are not mutually exclusive.

          1. So, the problem is spending, not tax rate reductions. And it always has been the problem. The Ds should turn their attention to that.

      2. Wait, you mean that the Democratic Party, which generally subscribes to Keynesian economic theory, thinks that the government should engage in reverse trend spending and is actually advocating for reverse trend spending?! Shocking!

        What hypocrites they are for consistently following their preferred economic philosophy, advocating increased spending in down economies and paying back debt during expansionary periods.

        No, the hypocrisy is a group of Republicans getting elected by sounding the alarm on debt only to advocate increasing the debt by trillions to pay for a tax cut for the wealthiest entities in the country during a period of historic growth.

        It’s no wonder the last Republican President to balance the budget was Eisenhower. You’d know all this if you knew what you were talking about, but then you’d be having a conversation about facts and intellectually honest theories instead of Republican talking points.

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