Abraham Stands By Morganelli

John-Morganelli-loresLynne Abraham is endorsing John Morganelli’s campaign for Attorney General.

Don’t worry if that sounds familiar, you’ve heard it before. Abraham backed Morganelli’s efforts in 2000 (his first attempt at the office) and 2008 (when he was the Democratic nominee).

The former Philadelphia DA and 2015 candidate for Mayor announced her support today.

“I am pleased to announce my support of 7 term Northampton County District Attorney, John Morganelli, for Pennsylvania Attorney General,” Abraham said. “As Philadelphia’s District Attorney for almost 19 years, John and I worked closely protecting the public from the ravages of crime and violence everywhere in our Commonwealth. John is a tested, proven leader, who will bring his vast prosecutorial experience and leadership skills to the Office of Attorney General while serving all citizens of Pennsylvania with distinction and honor.”  

“Lynne Abraham and I have been friends for 25 years. We both understand that to keep communities safe, violent criminals must be taken off the streets. Her support, particularly in Philadelphia and in SE Pennsylvania is very important. She still remains an important voice for victims of crime, and those of us in law enforcement who protect communities every day.”

Morganelli is running against Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro and Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala in the Democratic primary.

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  1. I’m struggling w/ keyboard … Beemer – 1st Assistant in OAG (who just testified AGAINST AG Kane in Senate’s EPIC FAIL).

  2. Porter – you are a shill. Who do you work for?

    Lynne Abraham sent corruption cases to the people set up to handle them. Seth Williams is the one mis-handling cases. He brought in racist pervert woman-haters to go after corruption.

    The main guy he hired is Frank Fina. The Superior Court just found that Fina’s conduct in the Penn State case was “highly improper.” Bruce Beemer, the 2st Asst. at the OAG, found that him targeting Blacks was “improper.” See a trend there?? I do,

    And then, there is this e-mail he sent to his white male buddies:


    Fina using his State computer to distribute racist material is criminal. He is corrupt. Justice Castill opined that the Porn-gate e-mails were CRIMINAL. And yet Frank Fina is Seth Williams’ “corruption DA.” It’s laughable. An embarrassment to this City.

  3. David, I’m with you on this one, Lynne Abraham looked the other way her entire career on corruption in Philly, particularly John Street’s corrupt administration and the 39th District Police scandal, both of which were prosecuted by the Feds while Abraham was busy being one mushy cookie. Her recent single digit performance in last year’s mayoral primary tells you everything you need to know about what Philly voters think of this has been or never was. As to Mr. Guzzardi’s claim that she is “independent” of Philly Democrats, I assert that she marched in lock step with them right or wrong, and her non-existent record on corruption prosecutions flies in the face of this supposed independence.

  4. bobguzzardi-

    It really is a fantasy to think Trump wins PA.

    PA has gone Blue since Bill Clinton in 1992, and the Democratic party is much stronger than before here. PA not going to pick a guy like Trump running on a neo-Nazi, KKK, white-power platform.

  5. HaHaHa-

    Besides her fossilized state, she’s was the kind of DA that was the equivalent of “shoot first, ask questions later”, who didn’t really question police tactics, methods or “evidence”. She’s the kind of DA the civil and legal rights movement wants to keep in the dustbin of history.

  6. The 2012 Election may shows the counties Barack Hussein Obama won in that election; 13 counties.Note that both Montgomery county and Val DiGiorgio’s Chester county voted Democrat.

    It is not fantasy to think Donald Trump wins Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes.

  7. If Outsider Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president, I think this will help Outsider John Morganelli. Donald Trump is broadening the Republican base to include white working class voters who have been more or less abandoned by the Establishments of both parties. Clinger Democrats are not an insignificant demographic in Pennsylvania.

  8. From what I know, John Morganelli is the least political of the three Democrats and the endorsed Republican John Rafferty. Josh Shapiro is, undeniably, a politician and not a prosecutor with political ambitions beyond the Attorney General’s office. Stephen Zappala seems to be as much a politician as he is a prosecutor. I don’t know if Stephen Zappala has ambitions for higher political office or political patronage but it would not surprise me.

    As a Rush Limbaugh Ted Cruz, I feel more comfortable with a prosecutor who has no other political ambitions other than to be a prosecutor. Lynne Abraham has been independent of the Democratic party establishment and has her own independent supporters. This is not a perfunctory endorsement, I would think.

  9. I was open to hearing more about Morganelli. But, being supported by Abraham is a definite mark against him.

  10. The proper path would be to enlarge the porn mail investigation, not end it. You’ve already seen downfalls of dirty judges. Keep going. Fina is still out there. Graci is still protecting an unethical judge like Dobson in Mercer County, not to mention Eakin. What about Cynthia Baldwin, who violated attorney-client privilege, lied to a judge, and put at risk all Jerry Sandusky-related cover-up prosecutions at Penn State? When do they get taken down? And all those leaks in the Kane disciplinary proceedings and political prosecutions. When does somebody get held accountable there?

  11. Morganelli would be my candidate except that he has said he will end the special prosecutor’s investigation into the Hate-gate defendants (Fina & The Corbett Pervs).

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