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ACU Rates PA State Legislators

acuThe American Conservative Union has released their annual ratings for Pennsylvania’s Senators and Representatives.

The group developed special designations for the highest and lowing performing legislators. Of the 203 members of the State House, just three Representatives were classified as “Defenders of Liberty” meaning they received a perfect 100% score.

That honor went to Reps. John McGinnis, Marcy Toepel and Dan Truitt. Meanwhile, seven Senators earned that qualification: Rich Alloway, Dave Argall, Mike Brubaker, John Eichelberger, Mike Folmer, Randy Vulakovich and Don White.

The grades for members of the State House were based off of fifteen select votes from the last session, including on controversial subjects like abortion, tax reform and liquor privatization. The State Senate grades tackled similar subjects but relied on only nine roll call votes.

The organization also identified those with 0% ratings as “True Liberals of the Keystone State”. Four members of the State House, Reps. Mark Cohen, Daniel McNeill, J.P. Miranda and Curtis Thomas were given that label. Additionally, four Senators also received a goose egg from the ACU: Andy Dinniman, Vincent Hughes, Mike Stack, and LeAnna Washington.

Sen. Stack, of course, is currently a candidate in the Democratic primary for Lt. Governor and may end up wearing that zero from the ACU as a badge of honor. Rep. Brandon Neuman, who is also running for Lt. Gov, ended up with 27%.

There are also two Democratic legislators, Rep. Brendan Boyle and Sen. Daylin Leach, battling it out in the primary for PA’s 13th district. Boyle received a 20% score while Leach got 11%.

For a complete look at the ACU report, including how your representative fared and what votes were used, we’ve posted a link here.

The ACU is the oldest conservative organization in the nation and was founded by William F. Buckley in 1964. The organization has been grading members of Congress since 1971 and in 2011 starting grading select state legislatures as well. Last year, the ACU added Pennsylvania to their list and the group now tracks the legislators in twenty states.

3 Responses

  1. I wonder if the Stack for Lieutenant Governor Campaign has sent the ACU a thank you note yet for the ZERO rating and naming him one of the “True Liberals of the Keystone State”?

  2. The ACU has unfortunately become nothing more than a tool for reelecting establishment Republicans,.They cherrypick certain votes and use them to fluff up good old boys as “conservatives” who really aren’t. The Heritage Foundation and Commonwealth Foundation give much more accurate ratings.

  3. That’s pretty slick: a legislator can vote for a massive increase in the gas tax and still get 100%. I remember when ACU ratings were not for sale.

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