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Ad Watch: “Casey Is Too Dangerous For PA”

Dave McCormick ad

Welcome back to Ad Watch – our series that shares the latest TV and digital ads that we can find on the races affecting the Keystone State.

Today, we feature the latest from the Dave McCormick for Senate campaign.

The ad, entitled “Bob Casey Is Too Dangerous For Pennsylvania,” attacking Bob Casey‘s silence on the Biden administration’s proposal to bring Gazan refugees to the United States.

The digital ad will appear throughout the Commonwealth.

The McCormick campaign has also released two TV ads, detailing his roots wrestling in the state and the lessons he learned from graduating from West Point and serving in the military.

Casey, the incumbent Democrat, has released four TV ads, including his most recent that highlights his support for American-manufactured steel and working people in Pennsylvania.


CBS: “The White House is considering welcoming some Palestinians from Gaza into the United States as refugees.”

VO: It’s crazy! The countries next door to Gaza say it’s not worth the risk.

But Biden wants to bring them here?

And what has Bob Casey done to stop it?


VO: Bob Casey votes with Joe Biden 98% of the time.

And he refuses to stand up to Biden, even when Pennsylvanians are at risk.

Bob Casey is too dangerous for Pennsylvania.

2 Responses

  1. Casey’s office in past never picked up phone- they only took voicemails unless you were a lobbyist. He supported the terrible Iran deal and was a devoted pimp for Obama and Biden. Casey is not like his Father- Casey JR is radical left and NO friend of Israel. Casey Jr praised the hate group called CAIR- read the hateful speech he tried to ignore- Casey doesnt represent people of Pennsylvania- he represents the far left of a party out of touch and a President who is a morron- Biden( you don’t have to like Trump to despise that fool!)


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