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Ad Watch: Governor’s Edition

Although the money being thrown around is not nearly as much as the U.S. Senate campaigns, the media buys for the governor’s race certainly are not peanuts.

Today, we feature the latest ads released by the GOP gubernatorial candidates in their quest to win your vote in the May 17 primary.

We also fact-check claims made by the candidate in the ad.

Bill McSwain: The Law and Order Candidate

Claim: “I jailed politicians who stuffed ballot boxes.”

Check: McSwain indicted former U.S. Congressman Michael “Ozzie” Myers with multiple counts, including conspiring to violate voting rights by fraudulently stuffing the ballot boxes for specific Democratic candidates in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 Pennsylvania primary elections, bribery of an election official, falsification of records, voting more than once in federal elections, and obstruction of justice. Myers is alleged to have bribed Domenick J. Demuro, the Judge of Elections for the 39th Ward, 36th Division in South Philadelphia. Demuro, a Democrat, was charged separately and pleaded guilty this past May. He was responsible for overseeing the entire election process and all voter activities of his Division.

Jake Corman: Not Your Typical Political Ad

Claim: I ended his mask mandates for kids.

Check: Corman joined a group of parents in a lawsuit asking the PA courts to halt Gov. Tom Wolf’s mask mandate. The Commonwealth and Supreme Courts agreed.

Dave White: Born That Way 

Claim: “The radical left calls this critical race theory. It claims America is systemically racist and demand this be taught to our children.

Check: Critical Race Theory is an approach to studying U.S. policies and institutions that is most often taught in law schools, according to Reuters. Its foundations date back to the 1970s, when law professors including Harvard Law School’s Derrick Bell began exploring how race and racism have shaped American law and society. The theory rests on the premise that racial bias – intentional or not – is baked into U.S. laws and institutions.

Lou Barletta: Biden Air

Claim: “An airline flight carrying illegal immigrants was secretly flown into Lehigh Valley International Airport … in the hope that no one would notice.”

Check:  Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna) says those flights were not secret and were legitimately carrying unaccompanied children as authorized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Cartwright also said during a news conference that flights into another site (Scranton) were were chartered as part of the federal government’s refugee reunification process.

10 Responses

  1. Shocking that even white men running for public office would brag about these “achievements”. Sorta like Putin bragging abut how manu children he killed in Ukraine. But then these guys probably support that too. Trump did praise Putin for being smart. And you know these GOPers are all Trump cultists.

  2. So Lou, who I’m sure had Italian immigrants in his family, is blowing his dog whistle AGAIN. And Corman’s ad is the worst political ad I’ve ever seen. And White is just a low budget Trump clone running on hate and division. By May, I think we might see McSwain rise to the top, even with his connection as a Trump appointee, he is probably the best match up against Shapiro.

  3. For the heaven’s sake children abandoned by their families or separated by Trump’s border policy are fodder for political ads? Where is our humanity? Our bellies are full and our cup of good fortune runneth over and we want to hammer children born into dire circumstances? This moral rot if not stopped will be our undoing as a country. We need to aid these countries so that so many are not fleeing poverty which is an effective border policy.

  4. Critical Race theory comes from “Critical Theory” which is a component of Marxism. It’s all part of the left’s class-struggle fantasy. Your fact-check needs to be fact-checked.

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