Ad Watch: PA-17

Chris Deluzio-Jeremy Shaffer

Today, Ad Watch takes a look at the 17th Congressional District race between Democrat Chris Deluzio and Republican Jeremy Shaffer.

Both are vying to take the seat left vacant by Conor Lamb during his run for the U.S. Senate.

PA-17 includes part of Allegheny County and all of Beaver County.

Chris Deluzio – Step Up (0:30)

“Where I come from you step up when your community is in crisis. After 9/11 I joined the Navy. Served in Iraq. Now we’re in the economic fight of our lifetime.”

Jeremy Shaffer – Engineer (0:30)

“Did you know there are hundreds of lawyers in Congress but only 10 engineers? No wonder they can’t get anything done.”

DCCC Ad Backing Deluzio (0:30)

“The better choice – Iraq War veteran Chris Deluzio. He wants to make things here in western Pennsylvania.”

CLF Super PAC – Vote Against Chris Deluzio: Radical, Socialist Professor (0:30)

“Professor Deluzio wants to cancel your employer healthcare. Called it racist. Chris Deluzio – radical, socialist … you know, professor.”

4 Responses

    1. MAGA GOP only promise opportunities for white christian nationalist fascists.
      Oh, and anyone who can afford to purchase national intelligence folios from tRump.

      1. So why did Republicans including Trump, push for “first step legislation”, enterprise zones, and school choice for minorities trapped in failing unsafe schools? It is because under Republicans everyone benefits, especially the Black community.

        1. You might want to review your comment. White nationalists are not benefitting the Black community. The Rs have ensured schools fail, so ignorant people (who can’t be bothered to research and not watch fox) will believe and repeat it.

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