Addis Internal Poll: 60% of Voters Undecided for Republican Senate Primary

Paul-AddisAccording to a newly released internal poll by the Paul Addis Senate campaign, voters have not fully began thinking about the U.S. Senate primary next year. 

In the poll, 60% of voters are undecided on who they will support in next years Senate primary.  

The poll does show what will likely become a part of Addis’ messaging against fellow candidate Congressman Lou Barletta.  According to the poll, 79% of voters disapprove of the job Congress is doing.  Addis will likely also message as the person who can help the party find its way.  65% of voters agreed with the statement “the Republican Party has lost its way.”  

According to the poll, Barletta currently has the lead in terms of name recognition, with 22%, while Addis and fellow candidate state Rep. Jim Christiana were both in the single digits.  

Internal poll results should always be taken with a grain of salt, as they often ask a large number of questions, and only publish the results that reflect best on their campaign.  ‘

The poll was conducted by Bellwether Research & Consulting, which is based out of Alexandria Virginia. The poll surveyed 600 likely Republican Primary voters and newly registered Republicans from September 20th-24th.  The margin of error was 4%.  

The polling memo is below.

Addis for Senate GOP Poll Memo 10 3 17 by Paul Engelkemier on Scribd

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3 thoughts on “Addis Internal Poll: 60% of Voters Undecided for Republican Senate Primary”

  1. Jpaul says:

    Senate and House GOP with there different versions of tax fraud- mistakenly called tax reform—have just guaranteed Casey’s re-Election. Eliminate medical deductions, eliminate student loan interest deductions and eliminate or cut deduction for state & Local taxes. But- here’s the really good news – they didn’t touch carried interest for your favorite private equity or hedge fund manager. These proposal stink-?and reek of unfairness. People in PA – in middle class and upper middle class would be hurt- but not Toomey and your local Republican congressman. Last Tuesday – I joined with other republicans in voting for the other party. The party of Reagan had lost its way and is now cluelesd

  2. GOP Voter says:

    Paul Addis is a Democrat. Why should I care about his internal poll from nearly two months ago?

  3. Cricket says:

    *chirp chirp*

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