AFL-CIO Airs Ad to Boost Casey (Watch Video)

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO launched a 30 second ad today meant to give Senator Bob Casey a pat on the back for his accomplishments in his first term as Senator.

The spot highlights the bright spots in Casey’s record thus far, most notably, helping grow Pennsylvania’s economy through strong infrastructure and education policies and standing up for seniors with support for lower medicare costs.

“Whether it’s standing up for seniors, or growing Pennsylvania’s economy, Senator Bob Casey is a leader who gets results,” the ad’s announcer says.

Spokesman Yuri Beckelman said the ad is airing on broadcast television in five media markets across the state, including Pittsburgh, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Johnstown, Erie, and Harrisburg, and on cable in the Philadelphia market, from Monday until September 5.

The labor union’s commercial was first reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Early Returns.

Smith Communications Director Megan Piwowar said it’s a distraction from Casey’s record.

“This latest advertisement from Senator Zero’s allies is a sign that special interests are worried about this race, and frankly, they should be,” she said. “They know that Senator Casey that has done nothing, but prolong our economic turmoil with record debts and job crushing regulations.”

“On Election Day, voters in Pennsylvania will support Tom Smith as he is the only proven job creator with a record of accomplishment.”

It’s not the first time the AFL-CIO has supported Casey with ads; the labor union’s PAC spent about $170,00 to air this similar ad in December.

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  1. And those accomplishments would be what exactly?

  2. Tom Smith 2012 says:

    Tom Smith for Senate 2012! Check out Senator Casey’s record- he’s a pawn for the Democrat Party elites- not a Representative for Pennsylvania.

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