AFP Releases Radio Ad For ‘Paycheck Protection’

AFP-logoAmericans for Prosperity (AFP), a conservative 501(c)(4) organization, has created a 31-second radio advertisement that promotes the introduction of ‘Paycheck Protection’ in Pennsylvania.

‘Paycheck Protection’ legislation attempts to diminish the power of public-sector unions by discontinuing the practice of automatic collection of union dues for political purposes.They feel this is an improper use of taxpayer dollars.

Meanwhile, opponents argue that the state spends less than $100 a year on deducting dues for public-sector union employees.

The AFP commercial features a school teacher from Chester County named Robin.

“I was shocked to learn our school district resources as well as my tax money are being used to deduct not only union dues, but political action funds for the union’s PAC that goes to candidates I do not support,” Robin says in the ad. “Even our regular union dues fund organizations that many of us disagree with.”

She continues, “We should have a choice where our tax dollars are used.”

The radio spot ends by urging listeners to sign an online petition.

Americans for Prosperity has been called the “main political arm” of the Koch Brothers and is accordingly despised by liberals.

7 Responses

  1. I would have thought that the anti-big government crowd would be working to figure out how to eliminate pay roll tax deductions for the little guy until April 15th.”Paycheck Protection” is meaningless twaddle. The greatest example of a free democracy is the right to organize and collective bargaining. How would the salaries quoted below compare to corporate and Wall Street America?

  2. The members of the General Assembly must work for the common good of the public. What is the common good of these special arrangements whereby government employees collect and send dues and political contributions to the unions? If there is no common good, then this practice must end. Why can’t the unions collect their own money? Let them do it on their own time and with their own dime.

  3. What’s great is that the Kochs have never learned to advance their cause without lying. And when the lies are exposed – and there are many in this ad – they have no answer. And ALL their ad dollars end up wasted. See, e.g., the $400 Million they spent to defeat Obama in 2012. They might be rich, and they are certainly greedy, but they are also stupid.

    And then they pay poor schucks like the putz below to monitor discussion boards and post irrelevant nonsense that a child could refute. What’s the going rate now, $1 a post, $2 per reply? Or have they slashed those wages too? It’s a tough economy for workers, in a Koch world.

  4. Sound and Fury signifying nothing. This legislature will again do nothing but pass a budget using accounting tricks late @ June 30. Then they’ll pat them selves on the back, collect the per diems, and take a 2 month vacation. 4 years as the majority party wasted then Wolf takes over next year SSDD.

  5. This is what’s bullshit

    PSEA OFFICIALS EARNING $200,000 or m0re

    John Springer, Executive Director, $266,633

    Kelby Waltman, Director of External Organizing, $260,185

    William Townes, Regional Field Director, $258,614

    Paul Gottlieb, Regional Field Director, $257,120

    Lynne Wilson, General Counsel, $252,858

    Lisa Buettner, Assistant Executive Director Field Operations, $256,279

    Jane Brubaker, UniServ Representative, $250,420

    James Vaughn, Assistant Executive Director, Government Relations, $247,481

    Gerard Brandon, Assistant Executive Director, Human Resources, $240,993

    David Wazeter, Assistant Executive Director, Program Services, $236,427

    Cindy Hake, Assistant Executive Director, Information Technology, $235,093

    Linda Morrow, Assistant Executive Director, Administrative Services, $215,485

    James Testerman, outgoing President, PSEA, $207,292

    Joseph Kirk, Field Manager, $201,611


  6. “They feel this is an improper use of taxpayer dollars”


    They just don’t like unions helping workers get good wages, fair benefits, and decent work conditions.

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