After Ceasefire, Cartwright Releases Final Ad (Watch Video)

Democratic Congressional candidate Matt Cartwright and PA-17 challenger released his final campaign ad Thursday, all positive.

Coming on the heels of several attack ads against PA-17 incumbent Tim Holden released by PACs, such as The Campaign for Primary Accountability and The League of Conservation Voters, this upbeat, positive TV spot emphasizes the notion that Cartwright hasn’t had to resort to mudslinging. Arguably, Cartwright has lucked out as outside organizations have done his dirty work.

In the commercial, the narrator says that Cartwright will fight corporate greed and oppose tax cuts established by the Bush Administration.

“Matt can work to make childcare and elderly care completely tax deductable,” says the narrator. “And Matt will work with Senator Casey to close the Halliburton Loophole.”

It is also interesting to note that, perhaps as a method of neutralizing the fact that Sen. Casey has already endorsed Holden, the video’s producers featured a still image of Casey and Cartwright.

The ad is bookended by staged interviews of Cartwright and his wife.

“Matt is a hard worker. He’s very dedicated,” Cartwright’s wife says. “He’s passionate…good looking.”

While the “politician-at-home” style interview has been used in campaigns for years, the playful banter echoes the Cartwright camp’s positive, cheery campaign strategy —taking advantage of PAC and other organizations negative commercials.

In fact, the barrage of negative ads lead Rep. Holden to call for a ceasefire on Thursday.

Unfortunately for Holden, however, the slew of attack ads that he’s already sustained may have already made a damaging impact.

3 Responses

  1. If this election is decided on the basis of which candidate is the most good looking, then neither Tim Holden nor Matthew Cartwright can hold a candle to Laureen Cummings in that department.

    Laureen also has “beautiful” ideas, like personal liberty, low taxes and limited government.

  2. Cartwright says he’s “good looking”…Matt, you either need glasses or a new mirror.

    And I would make sure your wife actually votes for you.

    The folks really like hearing you spend your money to tell them you are good looking. The TELL of real ego-maniac.


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