AG Kane Disciplines 30 Staff Members over Email Scandal

KaneAttorney General Kathleen Kane is on a mission to clean house.

In an internal review, the Attorney General identified 31 employees whose state computers contained sexually explicit content.

Of these workers, four have been fired, two are slated for termination, two others have resigned and 11 have been suspended without pay. The remaining workers have been reprimanded in their personal files.

These state workers will join the thirty other staff members who spread similar content during Governor Tom Corbett’s tenure as Attorney General from 2008-2012. Out of the 750 employees working in the Attorney General’s office from 2008 to the present, nearly ten percent have been identified as complicit in what the media has now deemed “porngate.”

Though Kane has not released a timeline for when the most recent group of employees circulated the vulgar content, her offices have confirmed that a portion of the emails were sent after Kane reinforced the state’s policy regarding appropriate use of state computers in 2013.

“I am determined to put an end to this behavior,” Kane said in an interview given to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I was disappointed to learn that some individuals chose to continue sharing pornography on taxpayer time.”

Kane’s ongoing investigation has already cost six people their jobs—including Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCafferty, who resigned shortly after he was connected the scandal.

State Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Christopher Abruzzo, leading attorney Glenn Parno, and former appointee to the State Board of Probation and Parole, Randy Feathers joined McCafferty when Governor Corbett asked for, and received, their resignations upon finding out they too had been complicit in disseminating the content.

Two additional senior members of Corbett’s staff, Chris Carusone, his onetime legislative liaison and Richard A. Sheetz, a top attorney in the Attorney General’s Office during Corbett’s tenure, have quit their jobs since becoming linked to the scandal.

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6 thoughts on “AG Kane Disciplines 30 Staff Members over Email Scandal”

  1. Republican Generalissimo says:

    PennLive reported more than 30 were disciplined?

  2. Basile says:

    Amen Elroy!

  3. Isaac L. says:

    I believe they put the notice in the employees’ personnel files. A reprimand in an employee’s personal files doesn’t help future management.

  4. Larry says:

    The discipline involved sitting in the same room with her for an entire work day.

  5. elroy hirsch says:

    You are right, the old boys club controlled the Office of the Attorney General for 32 years. Now there is a new Sheriff in town and the old guard obviously does not respect women. I wonder what their wives and girl friends think of the abuse of their Oath.

    Unfortunately, their disrespect for women and General Kane will probably intensify. Stand by.

  6. David Diano says:

    Kudos to Kane for cleaning house. The old boys’ club doesn’t like her, because she goes after their bad behavior.

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