AG Kane Establishes Office of Military and Veterans Affairs

Kathleen-Kane-portrait1PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane has yesterday announced the creation of a new office entitled the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Kane describes the office as something that “will help us do a better job of giving back to the selfless men and women who have sacrificed so much for us and for our country,” by protecting “veterans from scams, fraud and abuse.”

The office’s primary focus will be on education and consumer outreach. However, it also has the authority to investigate and prosecute certain offenses against veterans.

It will be run by Nicole Reigelman, a captain in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard and former staffer in the Pennsylvania State House.

Kane’s press team notes that Pennsylvania has nearly 1 million veterans and servicemembers, and the fourth largest veteran population in the nation.

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7 thoughts on “AG Kane Establishes Office of Military and Veterans Affairs”

  1. Veterans First says:

    This is actually a much needed resource for our veterans. I don’t think the existing PA Dept. of Military Affairs has the legal authority to investigate fraud perpetrated against vets — for example, benefits application scams where they get charged exorbitant fees. And I don’t think there’s any sub-department like this within that department tasked with gathering information and tracking complaints about scams and financial crimes targeting vets. Opinions about the AG and the current legal trouble she is in should be divorced from discussion about this necessary service to our veterans. Veterans first; politics and griping second.

  2. ralphsimmons says:

    how can i faz information into this office

  3. Harry Glotz says:

    Her Attorney said she is a victim of selective enforcement , how about the just 8 of her agents fired for the same thing that 65 other agents did.

  4. KSJW says:

    So she’s running for Senate after all! Congratulations on your impending reelection, Senator Toomey!

  5. Doug McArt says:

    She is sickening. There is nothing she does not do, that not serve her own selfish political interests. Arrest her already!

  6. Sarah Bernhardt says:

    Funny but I thought the PA Dept of Military and Veteran Affairs has founded and established in 1793. Additionally why would the Attorney General need to establish an Office?

  7. elroy hirsch says:

    BRAVO, General Kane!!!!!!!

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