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Ahmad Ends Congressional Run, Enters LG Race

Former Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia Nina Ahmad announced she is ending her Congressional run to enter the race for Lieutenant Governor.

“I was running for Congress because I’ve been fighting injustice and discrimination in Pennsylvania for twenty-five years, and I believe we need more truly progressive voices in government,” Ahmad said.  

Ahmad’s announcement comes a week after the state Supreme Court redrew the state’s Congressional maps.  

Ahmad said she is switching races to combat the “male-dominated” culture of Harrisburg.  

“Harrisburg has been male-dominated for too long, and its culture won’t change without new voices. I will partner with Governor Wolf to help stamp out sexism and sexual harassment that holds us back.”  

Ahmad announced she is transfering $575,000 from her Congressional campaign to her Lieutenant Governor campaign.  

Ahmad joins Aryanna Berringer, Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, and Lancaster County Commissioner Craig Lehman in the race.

20 Responses

  1. Advantage: COZZONE.

    COZZONE is only female candidate that has been previously elected in the race for Lt. Governor.
    COZZONE is the only female candidate with a county-wide endorsement – others tried, but couldn’t muster endorsement support.
    COZZONE is located in the voter-rich collar counties of Philadelphia
    COZZONE is the only candidate that already works with Gov. Wolf, having been appointed to state-wide commissions by Wolf.
    COZZONE is the ONLY candidate with state-wide endorsements coming from other counties – from their highest elected officials – county commissioners (5)
    COZZONE is one (of 2, Lehman) who has admirable, battle-tested executive experience to take this job, and make the most of it.

    FETTERMAN has endorsed a pro-lifer, and voted for fracking in his own back yard – he will vote to put fracking in your back yard, too. (all votes, John, are situational!)
    FETTERMAN elected in a very, very small location, with 1,259 people.
    FETTERMAN is counting on his 20%, 3RD PLACE run for senate to propel him to victory. Having the most votes state-wide DID NOT HELP OTHER CANDIDATEs win – see McCord

    AHMAD- only in this race to hurt Cozzone’s outstanding chances of winning.
    AHMAD – Never been elected, not even by 1,259 (Braddock, PA)

    1. LOL! Kathi would be embarrassed by this and your lies. Kathi is an honorable person, you are not.

      Aside from the lies about Fetterman, anyone who would critize Fetterman pulling 20% in a statewide three way race while being outspent 20:1, doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Even his biggest critics would concede that his numbers were nothing short of amazing. You’re really looking desperate.

  2. When did she make this decision? Petitions end in 8 days. No way she gets the required 1000 including 100 from 5 different counties. Her opponents should closely scrutinize her petitions. It’s surprisingly difficult to mount that kind of an operation this late in the game

    1. There are 5 high population counties conveniently located:

      Philly, Delco, Montco, Chester, and Bucks

      Philly would pose no problem getting 1,000 signatures (particularly if Nina has support of Kenney, a local union, or powerful allies).

      Getting a hundred each the others 4 will take a day or two, certainly less than a week.

      Without federal limits, Nina could get a $10K or $20K donation from single union, PAC or individual.

      Considering how much Wolf hates Stack (and Wolf has this kind of money in his sofa cushions), hiring enough circulators would not be a hurdle.

      1. I think Nina will hit her Delco numbers easily enough. The Cardington neighborhood in Upper Darby alone could probably produce 100 valid signatures for her in a single day. She’s very popular here.

  3. Dear Thinking: Ahmad is legally able to move her congressional money to the state race. It’s the other way around that’s illegal.

  4. Could someone knowledgeable in Federal and Pa. campaign finance law enlighten me? I believe the laws are such that a candidate can not transfer money currently in a federal campaign account to a state campaign account as Ahmad proposes to do? Correct?

    1. 1) She can transfer her own money that she put in (withdraw donation and refund herself, especially if it was a loan to campaign)
      2) You can’t go from state to federal, since federal has limits.

    1. Yeah, Fetterman is probably biggest beneficiary, and Stack hurt the most.

      Adding a woman hurts Cozzone (undoes benefit from Dean leaving), but Nina cuts into Stack more than Dean would have, because “Philly”. So, it takes votes away from Cozzone, but more votes away from Stack. So, it’s a mixed bag. Cozzone benefits from the only Lt Gov county endorsement I’ve heard of so far. (So, she’ll be on the sample ballots)

  5. Met Nina about a month ago. She’s impressive and the smartest person in the room. She’s got my vote.

  6. Good choice Nina is to run for Lieutenant Governor but I might support you in this race for 2018 is to defeat the Incumbent in the primary.

  7. Rather presumptuous that Gov Wolf wants to partner with you. Nice job splitting our vote and ending Cozzone’s chances. No mention in the article that her campaign fund is a $450,000 loan from herself. Gross.

    1. Wolf will “partner” with anyone that hurts Stack the most. Wolf’s too big a coward to actually say anything publicly against Stack.

      Pennsylvania hasn’t executed any death penalty cases for decades, but you can be sure that Wolf has signed a political death warrant for Stack. He’s just been shopping for an executioner.

      It’s unclear if Wolf prefers Nina to Fetterman, or if Wolf gives two f*cks about who is Lt Gov (as long it’s not Stack).

      1. Apparently Wolf already thinks highly of Cozzone; Cozzone has been appointed to several state-wide commissions by Wolf.

        This looks like a concerted effort by Fetterman and Ahmad to take down Cozzone.

  8. She hurts Stack in Philly. That’s worth doing. Fetterman is probably the frontrunner. Which is a damn shame, with his negative baggage.

  9. Support the other women who already announced. What just happened is you put Stack right back in office. I do not agree with this — it makes no sense at all. I am A WOMAN, I AM BLACK.

  10. I get trying to break up the male-dominated culture in Harrisburg, but rather than splitting the female vote even further, support one of the other women running. But I suppose identity politics has been a five-star winner for Democrats statewide for a while now.

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