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Ahmad Gearing Up for Auditor General Run

A former Philadelphia City official and progressive activist is mulling a second run at a statewide office. This time, she’s “gearing up” for Auditor General.

Nina Ahmad, former Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia and one time Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, is considering a run for Auditor General, according to a spokesperson.

“It’s safe to characterize that she’s gearing up for a run,” said Ken Snyder, a spokesperson for Ahmad, who worked on her 2018 bid for Lt. Gov. “It’s sort of a natural position for her because it’s an advocacy role. It’s standing up for taxpayers and conducting studies and audits and investigations into how that money is being spent.”

Ahmad finished second in the five candidate Democratic primary for Lt. Gov, behind Braddock Mayor and eventual winner John Fetterman. Ahmad captured 23% of the statewide vote, while finishing second in Philadelphia behind incumbent Lt. Gov. Mike Stack. She won the Philadelphia and Harrisburg media markets and finished second in a number of other regions in the state.

Her second place finish in the statewide race makes her a “proven vote getter” according to Snyder.

Prior to her run for Lt. Gov., she announced a bid against longtime Rep. and Chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party Bob Brady, but switched races after the redrawing of the state’s Congressional maps and deciding to wanting to take on the “male dominated culture” of Harrisburg.

Snyder said Ahmad is passionate towards holding drug companies accountable, citing her PhD in Chemistry and years in medical research, combating gun violence and holding the NRA accountable, while pointing to her growing up in a civil war in South Asia, and as a women’s rights advocate who called on embattled officials state Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) and Philadelphia Sheriff Jewell Williams to resign amid sexual harassment claims. He also added her commitment to strong public schools in the state.

Ahmad has aligned herself with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and Snyder believes this is an advantage leading into what may be a crowded race to replace outgoing Democratic AG Eugene DePasquale.

“It’s sort of a perfect job for an advocate,” Snyder said. “The position has never really been occupied by a true progressive voice.”

DePasquale secured two terms as AG, while facing very little pushback from the state GOP in both runs, until recently being viewed as a potential candidate for Congress.

Ahmad has yet to officially announce a bid for the position, but Snyder said she’s within weeks of making a decision.

28 Responses

  1. AG Eugene DePasquale has done an outstanding job. So, I would hope that ANY/EVERY AG candidate pledges to use Eugene as their gold-standard for the job, and continue his work of uncovering problems.

    I don’t know if Eugene will stay out of the fray, or endorse any candidates. If he has plans for additional improvements to the office, I hope he’ll share them with potential successors.

    1. Sounds like a lot racism/sexism, and some whiny oppo-research by potential challengers.

      Also, some people around the state are jealous that they live in Crapsburg and not Philly area, but can’t admit it.

      1. See , David? You suck. Cant believe someone wouldn’t like her for the policies she advocated for. You jump right to claims of racism and sexism. How lazy.

        1. What POLICY of hers, relevant to the AG job, don’t you like?

          No one else here (the haters) has mentioned any policy issues.

          1. What is wrong with you, David? Are you willfully ignorant or as stupid as I think? Why would anyone judge her on her Auditor policies, rather than issues she ran a campaign on a few months ago. Shmuck. We have a clear view of her political philosophy.

          2. Huh-

            1) I STILL haven’t heard you name a specific policy, yet you are the only one bringing up policy as an issue.

            2) The Auditor job is fundamentally different than Lt Gov, or legislative offices. It’s not like the Auditor is setting policy on abortion, pot legalization, fracking, etc.

            It’s an accounting job to make sure the books are in order, and catch fraud. So, her policies on how she would approach the job, handle audits, change the dept would be the ONLY relevant policies for voters to consider.

            It’s pretty clear that an “audit” of your answers (or rather lack of answers) shows what a fraud you are.

            You are just full of sh*t and just don’t have anything important or useful to say.

          3. David..Believe it or not but not everyone has to believe what you believe and, if they disagree, the possibility exists that you may be wrong. You seem a touch condescending just because someone doesn’t share your enthusiasm for your candidate.

          4. Old School-

            I’m just pointing out that “Huh” hasn’t made a reference to a single policy issue, after claiming that the people against her are motivated by policy (instead of racism or sexism).

            Is is that hard for YOU to agree with the text of the posts here that he hasn’t listed any policies?

          5. Hey stupid- synonynously used with David Diano. I dont say I don’t like her or her policies. I am stating an obvious fact that people have an opinion of her based on her recent campaign. They don’t like her or her policies is a more reasonable explanation for their opposition than your fall back on racism and sexism. But you are so stupid you cannot discern this in the multiple times i have stated it. How many more times must i type this out. Your default excuse for criticism is lazy and stupid

          6. Huh-

            And YOU are the ONLY one making a claim that is has anything to do with policies from her last campaign. Not one poster has made a comment about her policies. If that’s the “reasonable explanation”, why has no one made a policy argument against her?

            I realize that counting to ZERO must be difficult for you.

          7. Again. You miss the point. As I stated before. Several times. You are jumping to the conclusion it is sexism or racism, because you are intellectually lazy and or stupid. There are other reasons people are against supporting her. Falling into claims of racism or sexism when no one pointed to that argues against your last comment directly. You suck. Again. Just admit its inappropriate and wrong to find them as the cause of opposition without being substantiated. You can be wrong. In fact, you are. The tough part is being an adult and admitting it.

          8. Huh-

            Part of “being an adult” is not being an anonymous idiot. But, AGAIN, you are the one claiming she has “unappealing policies”, without offering a SINGLE one that is unappealing.

            All the while, you are ignoring that people have problems with both race and gender. These are what people who don’t know her policies (like you) see.

            When you are done mopping the floors, don’t drink the bucket water.

  2. Nina would be a great democratic candidate for Auditor. Inspiring backstory, first woman of color to win statewide office if successful. She has been active locally in Philly and statewide since her Lt.Gov run, so why not Nina.

    1. Right! Hate like this only comes from self interested opponents who also want the job – or Russian trolls. Betting on the former. Whenever a strong women of color steps up to lead, she is always attacked by the establishment.

      1. It’s easy to blame gender and skin color for why people dont like her. Did you think maybe, just maybe, she does have a personality problem and unappealing positions on policies?

        People in Phila dont like the way Phila is run. People outside Phila dont like the way Phila is run. Just saying. It may be YOU only see her as gender and race.

        Good luck.

        Also. David you suck.

        1. Hmm Huh – she won the Philadelphia and Harrisburg media markets and came in second in Pittsburgh and Scranton – she won votes with Rural, Suburban and Urban voters where 90 percent of Dem Primary voters live. She clearly doesn’t have a “personality” problem – or any problem. Can’t think of many first time statewide candidates who did better.

          1. Guess i should have made the obvious caveat more clear “Brendan” that she was splitting the vote with 4 other candidates and another woman from the same media market. The point is she did extremely well and like many candidates who came up short the first time they ran statewide – Nina has a good chance to succeed on her second try.

          2. Ken-

            Exactly. It took Fetterman two tries.

            Some of the anonymous posts should come with a “paid for by _____” disclaimer. 🙂

      2. Ken,

        I am not saying she doesnt have a decent chance. I am saying people, even in Phila, dont like the way things are run. It is possible it’s her policies and her they dislike. Falling back on gender and race as a default excuse to dismiss critics is intellectually dishonest and lazy.

        Also. David Diano sucks.

  3. Maybe fight the power pac throws its entire kitty of $654 dollars behind her and she wins? ????????????

  4. the only difference between her and that awful berringer is one shady husband had ill-gotten developer money ????. otherwise they both ran lame campaigns into total obscurity and failure.

  5. A horrible human. She should just disap. Can’t wait to vote for anyone but her.

  6. She’s a terrible candidate and truly rotten person. Blew her kids college $ only to lose big time. 0-2. This will be fun.

  7. “Proven vote getter”? More like proven vote buyer. She raised nothing and her husband cut checks for nearly $1.5 million yet only managed to beat Kathi Cozzone by a few thousand votes who spent next to nothing.

    If she wins perhaps she can look into her husband’s shady business dealings and all of the lawsuits against him.

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