Albert Baker Knoll Running for Treasurer

KnollAlbert Baker Knoll is getting into politics.

According to Chris Potter of the Post-Gazette, the son of the former Lieutenant Governor is running for State Treasurer this year.

“I have always been inspired by my mother’s service to her community,” Knoll states. “When she was elected State Treasurer, her approach was to ‘awaken a sleeping giant.’ She saw potential in that office to help as many Pennsylvanians as she could. And she did. She created the 529 Tuition Account Program to help parents save for college for their children. She worked with homebuilders and banks to build affordable housing across the Commonwealth. She made the Treasury work for average Pennsylvanians. That’s exactly what I intend to do.”

“As the campaign unfolds, you’ll hear from me on issues ranging from student loans and tuition to savings for the disabled and steps to help community banks make loans to local businesses. I will leverage every penny of every asset of this Commonwealth to change the lives of Pennsylvanians for the better. I am cognizant of the fact that I have a legacy to uphold, and I intend to do just that.”

Knoll’s mother, Catherine Baker Knoll, served as State Treasurer from 1989 to 1997. She was also Lieutenant Governor under Ed Rendell from 2003 until her death in 2008.

Former Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia Joe Torsella is also running for Treasurer in the Democratic primary.

On the Republican side, businessman Otto Voit is seeking the office.

15 Responses

  1. Rest in peace CBK. I was hoping no one would bring up Albert abuse issues. Albert go back to DC

  2. This is so sad. Do we really want an oil company lobbyist who was instrumental in Sunoco leaving PA as State Treasurer? Anybody who knows this guy also knows he is whacky and verbally abused his mother and her staff for years. He should be ashamed to make these comments.

  3. If Knoll is such a pitiful candidate, why are you Torsella trolls so busy cutting him down?

  4. Albert who???? Let us see your mailing address. Don’t think you can walk away from PA and show up years later after you have been in bed with oil companies. Run for office where you live DC.

  5. Will mr.knoll hurt mr.Weinstein who is probably gonna run they are both from Allegheny county,just looked at mr.torsellas bio on his website very impressive.

  6. That’s great is he’s running for State Treasurer but I’m still going to support for Joe Torsella for the position instead because he is the frontrunner for the position.

  7. Geco, you must be new to PA politics, which is filled with judges, lawyers, legislators, etc that have no more qualification than their parent’s name. Notice how he even has the same middle name as his mother. Lots of Jr’s in PA govt too. Probably even a few III and IV. Hereditary politicians abound in PA.

  8. His next door neighbor is Joe Sestak in northern Virginia. Maybe they can car pool from home to Pennsylvania to save gas on the campaign trail.

  9. You are kidding……. “I have always been inspired by my mother’s service to her community,” Knoll states.
    You don’t even live here!!! You come back to town trying to crawl on your Mom’s old friends. You are a disgrace. Go back Home DC. Shame on you. Isn’t this the second Knoll to try to say, “I live here”? “I care.” Your sister lied, and so are you.

  10. well if this doesn’t work out for him.he looks like he would make a fine looking game show host.

  11. @geco,

    He just moved from DC where he was a Sunoco lobbyist for 29 years. I don’t know where he gets the stones to believe that he is qualified for the position, let alone one in Pennsylvania.

  12. The Gleason Asher network of incompetent, self-serving losers getting rich from losing will make some money from this political chicken about to be plucked.

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