Allegheny Labor Council Picks Critz

Rep. Mark Critz has consistently lead Rep. Jason Altmire in organized labor endorsements in the 12th district Democratic primary. This weekend, Critz picked up another big one.

The Allegheny County Labor Council – the Pa. AFL-CIO’s largest constituent council in western Pa. – threw its support behind the gentleman from Johnstown.

“The reach and resources of the local labor community make the Labor Council’s blessing a coveted win for any serious candidate competing in its jurisdiction and I am honored to have it,” said Critz, the only candidate quoted in the organization’s press release.

Critz hit the two-thirds threshold for the group. Their recommendation – to the Pa. AFL-CIO – is likely to yield the statewide endorsement for Critz.

Critz has based much of his campaign on a strong labor strategy, and so far it has paid off. He’s won the backing of the United Steelworkers, the Service Employees International Union, the Laborers District Council of Western Pennsylvania and half a dozen others.

“The members of our COPE team take their responsibility very seriously,” said Jack Shea, President of the Allegheny County Labor Council in a press release. Shea had considered a primary challenge to Altmire in 2010, in response to the Congressman’s vote against the Affordable Care Act.

“We make our recommendations for these offices based on the candidate’s records on working family issues, their accessibility to our members and leaders and their ability to run a winning campaign,” he added.

One local labor union, the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85, has endorsed Altmire. But his real strength – in addition to fundraising – has been among Democratic committees. He won the endorsements in Allegheny, Beaver and Westmoreland counties.

Other Council Recommendations

Patrick Murphy won the Council’s recommendation for Attorney General.

Another interesting endorsement, notes Laura Olson of the Post-Gazette, is Ed Ganey, the primary challenger to Rep. Joe Preston in HD-24. Gainey was also recommended by the Allegheny County Democratic Committee. Also noted by Olsen, the Council supported Rep. Mark Mustio (R-) for the seat of retiring Sen. John Pippy, but Mark Scappe (D) for Mustio’s House seat (for which he is running concurrently).

In the crowded primary to replace Rep. Chelsa Wagner (now Allegheny County Controller), the Council recommended Martin Schmotzer – also the same as the Dem committee.

In the three-way Democratic primary to take on freshman Rep. Rick Saccone, the Council recommended Dave Levdansky, the man Saccone beat in 2010.

In the other districts where the Council made an endorsement, they backed the Democrat or the incumbent in the race. The full list is below.

President –                                                       Barack Obama
Vice President –                                              Joe Biden

United States Senate –                                  Robert Casey
Member of Congress, 12th CD –                   Mark Critz
Member of Congress, 14th CD –                   Mike Doyle

Pennsylvania Attorney General –                Patrick Murphy
Pennsylvania Auditor General-                    Eugene DePasquale
Pennsylvania Treasurer-                                Rob McCord

State Senator, 37th District –                         Mark Mustio
State Senator, 43rd District-                          Jay Costa
State Senator, 45th District-                          James Brewster

State Representative, 16th District-            Robert Matzie
State Representative, 19th District-            Jake Wheatley
State Representative, 20th District-            Adam Ravenstahl
State Representative, 21st District-             Dom Costa
State Representative, 22nd District             Martin Schmotzer
State Representative, 23rd District-            Dan Frankel
State Representative, 24th District-            Ed Gainey
State Representative, 25th District-            Joseph Markosek
State Representative, 27th District-            Daniel Deasy
State Representative, 32nd District-            Anthony DeLuca
State Representative, 33rd District-            Frank Dermody
State Representative, 34th District-            Paul Costa
State Representative, 35th District-            Mark Gergely
State Representative, 36th District-            Harry Readshaw
State Representative, 38th District-            William Kortz
State Representative, 39th District-            David Levdansky
State Representative, 42nd District-            Matthew Smith
State Representative, 44th District-            Mark Scappe
State Representative, 45th District-            Nick Kotik
State Representative, 46th District-            Jesse White

Under Pennsylvania AFL-CIO county Labor Council structure, labor unions based in Fayette County are affiliated with the Allegheny County Labor Council. Recommendations for candidates in state legislative districts that represent voters in Fayette County are:

State Representative, 49th District-            Peter Daley
State Representative, 50th District-            William DeWeese
State Representative, 51st District –            Tim Mahoney
State Representative, 52nd District-            Deborah Kula
State Representative, 58th District-            Ted Harhai

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