Allyson Schwartz to Speak at DNC

Today DNC organizers released the names of additional speakers for next week’s convention, and PA’s own Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Montco) is among them.

Scranton native VP Joe Biden and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter will also speak, making Schwartz the only other Pennsylvanian – and only female – from the state who has a speaking role.

She will join will several other female colleagues in the House of Representatives to promote President Obama’s message in Charlotte, N.C.

Schwartz has been a strong female leader in PA politics for some time.

She was the third woman to serve in the state Senate, is the only current female U.S. Rep. from Pennsylvania and the only Jewish legislator from the state serving in Congress.

House Democratic leadership may see it too, as her name has been on the short list for some time of members who could step into a leadership position should the opportunity arise.

Schwartz has also led two national initiatives: Women LEAD, to support female congressional candidates from across the country in 2007, and Red to Blue, to actively support strong Democratic candidates in Republican-leaning districts.

Schwartz is serving her fourth term in the House, representing the 13th district comprising northeast Philadelphia and suburban Montco.

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  1. Lycogirl-it’s a bit premature to decide that I have no credibility. And good for you for being truthful with yourself to realize that you are kind of anti abortion. Once you have children you will come to experience that the baby is a person before they are born, that there is no magic incantation that occurs over them to alter their being. It’s really that love you will experience that will help you understand the tragedy of the other.

  2. That’s where anti-choice people differ from pro-women voters. Once that child is born its shit outa luck. Gut welfare, medicaid, adoption industry, family planning programs, k-12 education, etc. Republicans don’t care about that child once they’re born

  3. Midge,

    That life is not a person until it is born. And until it is born, it is completely dependent upon the woman it is living inside. And she has ultimate rule over her own body. I don’t mind you being anti-abortion. I’m kind of anti-abortion myself (although I am pro-choice). But until you are willing to fight as hard for the child as you are the fetus, you have no credibility.

  4. THANK YOU Alex, you prove my point exactly. Your response had nothing to do with the science or logic of abortion. You MORON

  5. @midge. stop trying to be intellectual. it doesn’t become you. Keep preaching about life and supporting Bush’s wars which have killed hundreds of thousands. Your no more pro-life than Schwartz. You’re just anti-choice

  6. What is it with liberal and their inability to grasp basic logic? Here is a basic syllogism: People have an inherent RIGHT TO LIFE. Scientifically speaking, life begins in utero. Abortion is therefore a violation of the right to life and therefore illegal.

    Notice liberals don’t even want to get into science let alone logic because as soon as they do they are way over their heads intellectually. So they just reflexively shoot back with emotional buzzwords and catch phrases,a la a George Orwell novel. What is ironic is that liberals accuse conservatives of such knuckle-dragging forms of rhetorical jousting, when in fact it is the liberals that cannot keep up intellectually in a high-brow debate about abortion (or anything else for that matter).

  7. Right up until they’re born, Mary. After that, they’re on their own, no matter their circumstances. If the mother doesn’t have health insurance to cover the cost of delivery, well, then, she shouldn’t have gotten herself pregnant in the first place, right? Too bad the kid has such an irresponsible parent. And Rush was wrong, Fluke doesn’t want YOU to pay for her contraception, she wants her INSURANCE Company to cover it. Like they do Viagra.

  8. You are mistaken. I am able to see past the sex to the child who is conceived. I am able to understand that he or she is already a person, even if they are unwanted. I am truthful enough to acknowledge that it is seriously wrong to kill that person. Ms Schwartz is not. Are you?

  9. Why do you spend so much of your day laying down you judgement, which i’m sure is spotless (you’ve never made poor decisions in your life, we all know your the second coming of Jesus)? That is what creeps so many people out. You spend so much time thinking about sex. It’s a little on the creepy side

  10. Am I missing something here outside of people trying to get some shock value?

    With abstenance, birth control pills, condoms, diagphrams, morning after pills and ultimately the latter abortion…..

    Did I miss the part about personal responsibility? Shouldn’t “rights” come with some degree of “responsibility”? Why anyone would have unprotected sex in this day and age is beyond me anyway.

  11. Everyone knows that Republicans love controlling peoples lives according to their own personal belief systems. its why you guys got destroyed in 08′ and again in ’12. Republicans are a dying breed. Too white and too old to keep up with America

  12. If the Democrats want government to stay off their bodies and out of their bedrooms, why then do they want the government to pay for their birth control and abortions? You can’t have it both ways…

  13. The issue is womens rights. The republican party is all about “small government” but it is intruding and trying to control every aspect of peoples lives, most especially women.

  14. Let me follow your logic. So then, abortion is just a very thorough clean out of a woman’s vagina?

  15. Makes sense that she should be asked to speak. Pro Abortion forces seem to have the stage nearly entirely to themselves. All the big dogs will be there, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Sandra “buy my birth control” Fluke. Democrats, is this really still the Party that you have always supported???

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