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Altmire Wins Q1 $$ Battle

Jason Altmire had a solid fundraising quarter, pulling in $330K to Mark Critz’s $285K.

The Altmire campaign released its strong numbers this morning, followed soon thereafter by Critz. The two Congressmen are battling for the Democratic nomination in the newly drawn 12th district.

Altmire’s money edge has been a consistent pattern in the race; he also outperformed Critz in the 4th quarter of 2011: $180K to $130K. He ended 2011 with $852K on hand to Critz’s $465K.

He’s been spending at a slower pace than Critz, keeping some of his hefty cash on hand in reserve as Critz has already gone all in on TV ads.

The Republican candidate is Allegheny County attorney and 2010 hopeful Keith Rothfus.

All federal candidates must submit campaign finance reports by April 12.

12 Responses

  1. Save Western PA— If you are really interested in saving the middle class, take Critz to task for defying Main Street and voting against wall St reform and by voting to deny women access to healthcare by voting to defund planned parenthood. Critz said he can’t vote for money to fund abortion— Is he that stupid????

    Federal funds have been banned from that purpose and everyone knows it…. except apparently the people such as rdog and save westernpa… who are trolling for critz (and scrambling to save their own jobs)

  2. Is Eric Cantor really behind the negotiations with Altmire to switch parties? Is Cantor looking for another vote for Speaker in January? Is this a classic Cantor/Boehner split: with Boehner and Sessions standing by Rothfus??

  3. Lobbyist Altmire: The Republican Party is jubilant about the development that you will be switching parties and joining them soon.
    Lobbyist Altmire: The citizens of the PA 12th Congressional district want to know if your political philosophy is more in line with Republicans than Democrats now that you have voted with the Republicans on the Balanced Budget Amendment.
    Will you disclose your negotiations with the leadership of the Republican Party?

  4. That doesn’t make any sense. I hope you aren’t trolling message boards for the campaign while you are on the clock for your regular staff job. You saw how that worked out for Orie.

  5. You need remedial math. Reality equals 465000 in COH… THE KEY, plus 285000 equals 750,000. Plus whatever that Mikus spent when they got their asses handed too them at Allegheny, Beaver, Westm. Endorsements. Bet…. That pulled pork was terrible. Altmire has 1.182 million.

    Oh and plus election challenge legal fees for that pathetic effort. They are basically broke.

  6. 842,000 plus 285,000 is 1,127,000. That’s more than enough to beat Altmire. How much did Rothfus have and he came within a point of winning.

  7. You only need about 1.5 million to get the message out in this district. Critz has all he needs.

  8. Critz will never out fundraise Altmire. Critz will never out work Altmire. Critz will never out debate Altmire. Congrats organized labor, you really picked a dead horse this time!!!!

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