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Americans for Limited Government and Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Target Dent

Americans for Limited Government and Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, two pro-Trump conservative groups, are planning a protest of Congressman Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh) in Allentown this Friday saying Dent is blocking President Trump’s agenda. 

“For all intents and purposes Dent is a member of the Democratic Caucus,” Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning told Breitbart.  

“Charlie Dent’s career has been nothing more than a laundry list of abject surrender to the liberal Democrats,” Ed Martin of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles said in a press release.  

The groups are taking issue with Dent and the Tuesday group who have been pushing for bi-partisan work on issues like healthcare, tax reform, and the budget.  

Dent says he is doing what he was elected to do.

“There are some people who expect me to be a sycophant, and that’s not going to happen. I know I’m very much in touch with the people of the 15th Congressional District,” Dent told the Morning Call.  

Trump won the district in 2016 by 7 points, while Dent won by 20 points.

19 Responses

  1. If anything, Congressman dent is not a Republican hack. Phyllis Schlafly, is she still around, how old is she?

  2. Rep. Dent is a skilled liberal Republican politician who has set his hand against President Trump. Rep. Simmons is very skilled, also, and will run, I expect, as a Trumpist leaning conservative.

    Both are charming and this nastiness by Rep. Dent is uncharacteristic of him; I would think he has polling that scares him. I would think that Rep. Simmons, not a dummy, also, has polling that encourages him.

    Rep. Barletta is running as a Trumpist against the less than dynamic Sen. Bob Casey and I expect the President to be in Pennsylvania campaigning. Rep. Dent’s high profile opposition to the President cannot help him.

    1. You falsely assume Dent would defeat Simmons [“Rep. Dent’s high profile opposition to the President cannot help him.”]

  3. The fact that this provoked Dent illustrates the fact that he’s already intimidated; he has been far too intransigent regarding the entire Trump agenda.

    Thus, Simmons will attract national attention and, undoubtedly, this will include Trumpsters [in/out of the Administration]; the GOP primaries will attempt to root-out the Swamp-foxes and, unfortunately, it appears their [Tuesday Lunch Club] leader is targeted.

  4. I’m not a fan of Dent, but these “Americans for Limited Government” assholes need to be shipped down to Texas until Houston is rebuilt.

    1. If I’ve learned anything its the louder people are the dumber they tend to be.

  5. Once upon a time we had the three stooges- now we have the four bozos-
    Meehan, Costello, Fitzpatrick and the worst the lot Dent. They are hacks and useless– if we can retire these four idiots in primary or general election- PA will be better off.
    Dent is an ego out for himself- has accomplished little. Let’s elect real democrats not these bozos.

  6. I’m hoping the Director of the Liddle Group gets involved in this seat. We need real leadership.

    1. First of all you idiot, its Liddell Group. Second of all, the Director of the LIDDELL group was Dent’s Campaign Manager in 2014 and worked on his Congressional Staff before that. But sounds good…

  7. Phyllis, please go sell your stinky fish someplace else. When every Republican congressperson left us to prop up our current president, Rep. Dent stayed true to his constituents. He’s neither conservative, liberal, or moderate. He been pragmatic about every issue brought to Congress; one of the few who votes people / issue over party.

    1. Insults do not advance the agenda. Immigration reform is a vote-moving issue in this election.

      1. He doesn’t deserve 10%. Does he realize Trump is the president, not him? With his support we may as well have a Democrat in the district.

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