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An Evening With Dave McCormick

Dave McCormick

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave McCormick made a campaign stop in Lancaster on Monday night, stopping by the Spring House Brewing Company to meet with about two dozen citizens from Berks, Dauphin and Lancaster counties.

Many of the attendees appeared to be on the market for a candidate to support and were anxious to hear what McCormick, the former hedge fund CEO, had to offer.

“I want to know where he stands,” said Delia Herr of Wyomissing. “I’m just learning about the candidates and I want to educate myself.”

Diane Coffey of Lititz agreed and wanted to know more about his stances on Ukraine and the fracking industry.

“I’m still trying to decide on a candidate, although I have made a decision on an absolute no,” commented Gerald Earl of Ephrata. “I want to know what (McCormick) believes, not what is bad about (other candidates). I don’t care.”

McCormick spoke to the audience for about an hour on topics ranging from why he entered the race to the second amendment to school choice. 

“How many people do you know that have applied for a job where you make a lot less money and your reputation is going to be less good than it was when you started,” he joked. “That’s the job I’m applying for. We’re in a moment where the stakes are so high.”

“Seven, eight months ago, I wasn’t going to run,” he said. “Afghanistan shook me as someone who watched our country be humiliated and the weakness it portrayed to the world. It was also inflation at a 40-year high due to the socialist economic policies under the Biden administration.”

“I’m running to push back on the wokeness and the weakness that’s really on the rise.”

He quickly hit upon some of his stances, including how life begins at conception, China as an existential threat and continuing the trade policies of former President Donald Trump.

“Leadership matters. This Senate seat matters,” he said.

McCormick deftly avoided a question about his thoughts on January 6, talking about how his wife (Dina Powell) worked in the Trump administration as deputy national security adviser. He did state that “the election was really troubling” and “there’s real questions” and that “we’ve got to fix it at the state level and not the national level.”

He stated that voter ID should be universal. 

“For all of you who’ve been to Philadelphia lately and you want a cheeseburger, you have to present your vaccine card, but if you want to vote, you don’t have to present your ID card. That seems like crazytown to me.”

When asked about the crisis in Ukraine, McCormick offered that “America under Biden invited weakness and stated that we need to demonstrate strength with energy policies that diminish (Vladimir) Putin.” He said that the U.S. should continue to offer lethal aid and help the refugee crisis, but not to send in American troops. “America is not ready for that.”

Herr asked McCormick directly about why he has not debated on the public stage against the other senatorial candidates. 

“There was a debate scheduled (at Villanova) and Mehmet Oz pulled out and I basically said if we’re going to have a debate, let’s have a debate with everybody including the person that the public holds as the front-runner. I’ll debate anytime, any place, I’m ready to debate today, but let’s make sure we have the key candidates.” 

He shared that there is discussion about holding a debate in mid-March in Washington County but offered no other details.

McCormick did say that if elected as senator, he would term-limit himself to two terms. 

8 Responses

  1. An evening with a Connecticut based vest-wearing hedge fund manager. A man of the people! Very representative of rural PA!

  2. Just your regular Hedge Fund Billionaire hanging out in Lancaster. Loved the ID Line. So my question would be is he against mandates and showing proof of vaccination to go in a restaurant? That is fair. If that is the case, then shouldn’t he be for not having to show ID to vote? From my neighborhood and feed, I am seeing Oz gaining traction and that the China thing is working

  3. I found his “joke” about making “less money” to be insensitive and snotty. Citizens of PA are struggling to make ends meet and he jokes about making less money as a US Senator. That’s disgusting. Kathy Barnette is down to earth and knows what it is like to struggle financially. She was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

    1. I agree. What a selfish thing to say when he thinks making 172,000 is a negative. Lots of Pennsylvanians would be remarkably grateful to make that.

  4. This is my kind of candidate. A millionaire hedge fund guy. He knows how to make money!! He lives in Connecticut but he is a 2nd home here. My kind of guy!!

  5. Appropriate the rally was at a brewery. You need to be intoxicated listening to that horse manure. I mean come on! What’s our biggest problem? You guessed it. Voter ID. I voted for decades and with technology the way it is the electronic trail is all over the place to catch fraud. If this the biggest problem pigs are flying these days. This nonsensical claim has limited appeal.

  6. GOP voters are, indeed, looking for a candidate who does not make them vomit.

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