And the First 2014 Candidate to Visit All 67 Counties Is…

Brad Koplinski

Lt. Governor candidate Brad Koplinski

The stop at the Greene-Dreher-Sterling Fair in Newfoundland Thursday night took on a special importance to the Lieutenant Governor’s campaign of Brad Koplinski. With that visit to Wayne County, his campaign has now been to all 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania.

He’s the first candidate for statewide office to accomplish this task for the 2014 campaign.

“It is exciting to see all of the great places and talk to the wonderful people that make our Commonwealth so special,” Koplinski said, noting that he’s driven over 18,000 miles all over the state so far.

“Every county and every voter in Pennsylvania is important,” Koplinski said. “The negative effects of the Corbett Administration are being felt from Adams County to Wyoming County, and every one in between.”

Koplinski is a Harrisburg City Councilman with a background in statewide elections: he helped run campaigns for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and others.

“From small towns and big cities, the lives of Pennsylvanians are harder because of cuts to education, the failure to create more jobs and protect our natural resources and insensitivity to making sure the constitutional rights of all of our citizens are protected.”

Koplinski said he intends to visit every single county again before the primary election next spring. The other purpose of this expedition, besides of course trying to get elected, is that Koplinski is pledging to turn the Local Government Advisory Committee, which is chaired by the Lt. Governor, into a more effective organization.

Currently, Koplinski faces three announced challengers in his bid to become Lieutenant Governor. Former Congressman Mark Critz, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith and Harrisburg city official Brenda Alton have all declared their candidacies.

Several others, including state Sens. Larry Farnese (D-Phila) and John Wozniak (D-Cambria) have also floated possible bids.

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5 thoughts on “And the First 2014 Candidate to Visit All 67 Counties Is…”

  1. Bob says:

    city councilman in city $500Million in debt…..ummmmm… thank you

  2. Bob says:

    City councilman of a city 500 million dollars in debt…, no thanks

  3. Johnny Mahanoy says:

    From your adopted county party in Schuylkill County, congrats and keep up the hard work. The hardest working and best candidate to help beat Corbett is Brad Koplinski.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Brad was the first to visit 67 counties before most of the other people became candidates. I don’t know what is wrong with people. I am getting to the point where I won’t vote for a state-wide official unless they come to my county.

  5. Adam Stern says:

    And in other news, somewhere in Pennsylvania, John Hangar drove his bus off a cliff upon hearing he will not be the first to hit all 67 counties.

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