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Missa Eaton! The Democrat for Congress in PA’s 3rd district is the first to announce her 2nd quarter fundraising numbers. She raised $84,403 from April to June.

The quarter ended on June 30, but reports aren’t due until July 15.

“Since this new campaign staff has come on board, we have obtained over $90,000 in fundraising commitments.  We ended this quarter with $84,403 raised, which is just phenomenal for how small our staff is. We may not be able to raise the kind of money Mike Kelly can, but is shows that people are willing to invest in the change of leadership in Washington that this district wants and needs,” said Eaton.

Eaton is a professor of psychology at Penn State’s Shenango campus. She raised about $46,000 last quarter.

Her campaign didn’t announce its cash on hand; she had only about $16,000 at the end of the first quarter. Kelly’s campaign has not yet announced its numbers; he reported about $310,000 on hand at the end of the first quarter.

Eaton has an uphill challenge, but Kelly proved that it isn’t insurmountable. Incumbent Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper raised $280,000 in the 2nd quarter of 2010, bringing her total to $1.01 million on hand. Mike Kelly, by contrast, raised just $49,600 in the same period and finished with just $104,000 on hand. He went on to raise over $1.2 million total during the cycle, compared to Dahlkemper who raised over $2 million.

That said, Kelly is counted among the wealthiest members of Congress and could easily finance his own campaign. Plus the district, which stretches from Erie to Butler County, is 2 points more favorable to Republicans this cycle thanks to redistricting.

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  1. Missa is a carpet-bagger, liberal nut-job! She will expose herself for what she truly is very soon. Missa Eaton will soon be beaten!… How’s that state pension working out for ya, Missa? Hypocrite!

  2. Missa has a good background, speaks well, and shows that money is not everything. I look forward to seeing her in Congress.

  3. I applaud Missa’s hard work. She’s been all over the district, learning about the issues, talking to the people, doing all of the things that Congress people are supposed to do.

    She’s worked hard on raising money and this is proof of that. She’ll only bring in more as people all across the state and region realize that Missa is a diamond in the rough. We need more people like Missa in Washington!

  4. Jack Beiler says that Missa is an intelligent and sentitive person who will represent all the people in her Congressional District well..
    She does her homework on political issues while Mike Kelly does not. Mike is all show but no substance.
    Recently he brought in a Congressman from Georgia to discus the Obama care bill on Mike’s conference call to his constitutents because Mike is not knowledgeable about the bill.
    I have known Mike for many years as a good car salesman for new and used cars but he is not
    Congressman material. He is lazy about during his homework on issues affecting his constitutents.
    Good Luck, Missa


  6. Who could be a better candidate and a more responsible and responsive member of Congress? No one, only Missa Eaton! A spouse, a parent, educated, an educator, an improver!

  7. We need a good person in congress who is not in the oil company pocket

  8. My friends (Republican, Independent and Democrat) and I have been very impressed by Missa Eaton’s commonsense solutions to the problems that face our congressional district. It will be a welcome change to have such a strong, ethical, intelligent person hold that office. She will work for us and not for her own personal gain….how refreshing!

  9. I’m eagerly awaiting the Eaton/Kelly debates. Eaton will run rings around her opponent. If there are questions he can’t or won’t answer, he’ll point you to his website, as he does at his infrequent town hall meetings. Eaton has a clear grasp of the issues and won’t be afraid of answering the tough questions. She’s one smart lady and will be a representative to make us proud.

  10. Missa is really authentic. She has what it takes to beat Mike Kelly. She is smart, strong and supports the middle class. Mike Kelly has NO clue as to what is critical to moving this country forward…which is the middle class. Missa supports the Middle class and will fight for us. Kelly MUST be voted out this fall and Missa can and will WIN!

  11. Keep up the good work, Missa!! When the people take a close look at how Mike Kelly has voted against the people’s interests, they’ll race to the polls on November 6 to vote for you. Kelly is truly a disgrace! He needs to be put out to pasture before he can do any more harm to PA-03.

    BRAINS vs $$$$$$$$


  13. Missa, I believe that we are still a country where the people can make a difference. Your voice matters. Our voice matters! It matters more than the monied interests of the opposition. Your intelligence, education and dedication to hard working, tax paying citizens are what we need to move this country in the right direction.

  14. Go Missa! I usually don’t post on these silly message boards especially with a name like mine that everyone will assume is the candidate padding the social media with bogus praise for herself, but I was so moved by myself I mean by Missa that I just had to start typing!

  15. Missa you came up to the plate , not as a business person but with the skills of knowing how to look at probles from all sides. You have molded young people into leader in there work place. With your understanding of what we need and how to reach down and pull people up, you are the person I want to see in Congress for
    CD-here in Pennsylvania, and I’m willing to work any way you need me to to reach that gold.
    . God Bless

  16. Congratulations on the great fundraising results, Missa! We all have to continue to work toward your victory in November by speaking with freinds, family and co-workers about what a great Representative you will be for CD-3! NW PA needs a hardworking, intelligent, person like you in DC to represent us!

  17. I am just inspired by this campaign. To see how far along she has come in such a short amount of time makes me sure that in the next coming months she will do even greater things. This is only the beginning of a very big push forward.

  18. People like you make me want to give politicians another chance, Missa- you are a caring, intelligent and down-to-earth woman, and I believe that you will stand up for those most in need instead of those most in greed-

  19. This is only the beginning. In my opinion this is one of the most competitive races in PA. This is a real middle class candidate against a millionaire and this shows how she is truly proving herself.

  20. As good as these numbers are for Missa, I believe they will explode in the next 2 months. Yes, she’s knowlegable about the issues, but more importantly she’s a tireless grass roots campaigner reaching out to the multi-county committees. And? They’re responding like they haven’t to other campaigns with the possible exception of Casey facing Santorum. Remember how that race turned.

  21. Wow, Congratulations Missa. Great job. This is the perfect example of how well people can organize to support a real candidate.

  22. You’re”pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” with your extraordinary intelligence, discipline, determination and willingness to listen. We are learning that we don’t have to elect only those born millionaires or those who marry millionaires to represent us, the people of Pennsylvania. It’s an uphill battle, indeed, to be a public servant. Well done, Missa Eaton!

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