Announced Candidates for U.S. House


Now that the districts are set, who is running for Pennsylvania’s congressional seats?

Here is the list of announced candidates as of Friday, February 25, at 4 p.m.

The last day to circulate and file nomination petitions for Congressional offices is March 15. Candidates must have a minimum of 1,000 signatures on their petitions.



1st: Ashley Ehasz; Paul Fermo

2nd: Brendan Boyle

3rd: Dwight Evans; Alexandra Hunt

4th: Madeleine Dean

5th: Mary Gay Scanlon; Lou Lanni

6th: Chrissy Houlahan; Steve Fanelli; Ron Vogel

7th: Susan Wild

8th: Matt Cartwright

11th: Bob Hollister

12th: Jerry Dickinson; Stephanie Fox; Steve Irwin; Summer Lee; Bhavini Patel

15th: Rick Telesz

16th: Dan Pastore

17th: Chris Deluzio; Sean Meloy



1st: Brian Fitzpatrick; Caroline Avery; Bradley Lanning; Dasha Pruett

4th: Christian Nascimento

5th: David Galluch

6th: Guy Ciarrocchi; Bob Kennedy

7th: Kevin Dellicker; Ryan Mackenzie; Lisa Scheller

8th: Jim Bognet

9th: Dan Meuser; Fred Keller; Max Merrill

10th: Scott Perry

11th: Lloyd Smucker

13th: John Joyce

14th: Guy Reschenthal

15th: Glenn Thompson

16th: Mike Kelly

17th: Jeremy Shaffer; Tricia Staible


bold indicates incumbent


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12 thoughts on “Announced Candidates for U.S. House”

  1. Emmanuel says:

    They better not lay a hand on my Fitzpatrick

  2. Michael Yeatts says:

    Rick Tellesz is the announce candidate for PA 16th district not 15th district. Rick is the most viable candidate to win that race and beat my Kelly. I’m not sure why he is listed here in the 15th district according to the map you posted. It will need to be corrected.

  3. Hank Bailey says:

    These politicians are all hardos. They should just sit back, smoke a joint, and enjoy life.

    1. BucksVoter says:

      One of the dumbest comments I have read on this site.

  4. arleneT says:

    Some challenger in the 8th needs to remind everyone Matt supports the Afghan refugees being placed near Hazleton as well as the private jets trafficking in illegals. T

    he news media is deep sixing the stories.

    And COVID declared over by D governors, don’t want to see Biden keep dropping in polls. No surprise, they used the virus as a weapon against Trump not figuring it would come back to bite them.

  5. revresbo says:

    The former Auditor General (Dem) DePasquale is running in the 10th.

    1. Andy says:

      Not correct

  6. A keen eye says:

    Houlahan is the only Democrat running in CD6. All the others are Republican. Would appreciate the editorial correction.

  7. Christ says:

    There is a Navy Veteran running for Congress in the 12th district Hopefully the democrats will spend all their money to win the primary About 33% of the district is republican leaning The winner of the Democrat primary will be a true communist Making it a great choice for voters

    1. Vaughn says:

      You’re right. His name is Don Neville – running as Republican in the 12th district.

  8. vaughn says:

    I guess republicans won’t even try in liberal district 12.

  9. joe says:

    Ryan Mackenzie announced a run for reelection in the state house.

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