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Another Bio Ad for Wagner in Pittsburgh (With Video)

One of the perks of being the frontrunner in a race: you can sit back and air positive television ads. Pittsburgh mayoral hopeful Jack Wagner is doing exactly that with his latest television spot.

Titled “The Mission,” the 30 second commercial features Wagner talking about his military service straight to camera.

Wagner Mayor ad 2“When you survive something like that, you realize how valuable life is,” Wagner says of his time in Vietnam. “It is one of the reasons that I believe I am in public service. To not only give back, but to fulfill a mission in life that the people I served with never could.”

Wagner, the former Pa. Auditor General, is competing with City Councilman Bill Peduto for the office of outgoing Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. Wagner has lead in recent polls.

State Rep. Jake Wheatley and activist AJ Richardson are also on the Democratic ballot.

The spot was produced by Philadelphia-based Bronstein and Weaver. It’s the second Wagner ad. Both of those and Peduto’s first spot have all been positive.

8 Responses

  1. Peduto supporters are, in all likelihood, from Shadyside or Squirrel Hill. His attempt to sneak Mr. Thompson into a commercial is completely transparent. Does Mr. Peduto even grasp who he’s teaming up with? Does he think the North Side will see Mr. Thompson and run out to support him?! He should research these folks first – NS won’t be fooled – you are both using each other, just as you both have used Pittsburgh and those most in need of real help.

  2. What I would like to see from Mr. Wagner is an ad in which the positives of a Pgh are promoted. Mr.Peduto’s ad is very much a depressant yet we all know that Pgh is doing great. The mills are gone, my grandpaps produce stand is gone,Pgh sucks! How many times have we heard in the last two years that Pittsburgh is #1? Constantly, yet Peduto acts like the mills just closed! Of sure he’s full of green dreams, but we see that they have failed at all levels. We need a tried and true administrator. Jack Wagner is the right guy !

  3. I recall that a month ago Mr. Peduto released a poll showing him leading Mr. Wagner something like 31 to 22. How did Mr. Wagner become the front-runner and overcome that lead? Maybe combat experience counts.

  4. A 12-man unit is a squad, not a platoon. Just as you do not grasp that detail, you do not grasp the relevance of the ad. His service is relevant; not decisive, but relevant. He does need to articulate plans for city governance, too, but his service is relevant.

  5. i agree annmarie but that service does not require mr.wagner to live off the teet of the government his whole political career.i to served in arm forces.he was paid very well for his public service.he would have been a great mayor 20 years ago times have changed.

  6. If you two are emblematic of Mr. Peduto’s supporters, then he must be one sorry kind of polecat. Someone almost died for his country and lost a whole platoon of buddies in a god forsaken war half way across the world for nothing and devotes his life to public service. I think people understand his motivation. With supporters like you, I would not ascribe noble aspirations to Mr. Peduto.

  7. thank you for your service mr.wagner but what are you gonna do as mayor of the city of pgh.we need a at least has a agenda for the city of pgh not so sure mr.wagner will maintain front runner status very long this is exactly how he ran his governors race and lost by double digits.

  8. As you point out, both Wagner and Peduto are airing positive ads. This is not about a “perk of being a frontrunner,” as you indicate in your lede.

    The current Wagner ad, about his Vietnam service, is odd, IMHO, given that there is zero content relevant to the city and its issues. People know Jack Wagner and his history. To air an ad completely devoid of content baffles me.

    Perhaps it is a perk of having nothing to say.

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