Another Official Pleads Guilty in Pawlowski Case

pawlowskiAnother former public official has been ensnared by the FBI’s investigation of Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski.

This time it was former Assistant Solicitor Dale Wiles.

According to Emily Opilo and Peter Hall of the Morning Call, the charges stem from a tax collection contract.

A committee was assigned the job of selecting which firm would get the opportunity to collect city taxes from delinquents. Another firm was originally chosen but someone identified as Public Official No. 3 was “dissatisfied with the amount of campaign contributions that he had received from” that law firm.

Public Official No. 3 is described as an Allentown official with control over contracts who launched a U.S. Senate bid in April 2015. Only Pawlowski qualifies.

Eventually the committee, through the maneuvering of Wiles, awarded the contract to the firms Northeast Revenue Service and Friedman Schuman. Opilo and Hall noted that their PAC contributed $15,000 to Pawlowski in 2013 and 2014.

Pawlowski ultimately had to suspend his campaign in the wake of a FBI raid of his office after the Mayor found his top campaign aide wearing a wire.

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4 thoughts on “Another Official Pleads Guilty in Pawlowski Case”

  1. ChuckBronson says:

    The joke of this is the person really responsible walks away scot-free. Enjoy your freedom while you can MF.

  2. Tell the Truth says:

    Pawlowski rehires his old friend Francis X. Dougherty,(current Managing Director of Allentown), the same Fran Dougherty that claimed to be a whistle blower at the Philadelphia School District. It appears as though controversy,fiscal mismanagement, and FBI investigations follows Dougherty where ever he goes.

  3. Tired says:

    *subpoenaed* NOT indicted

  4. Tired says:

    Newly elected Sheriff of Montgomery County Sean Kilkenny is/was a shill for Northeast Revenue and has already been indicted. Will he be the first Democrat to be forced out of office due to corruption before he even takes office?

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