Anthony Exits PA-17 Race, Puts Support Behind Lamb

Democratic Congressional candidate Aaron Anthony announced he is exiting the race for the new 17th Congressional district, and endorsing Congressman-elect Conor Lamb.

“I am suspending my congressional campaign to support Congressman-elect Lamb for reelection in November,” Anthony tweeted out


The announcement narrows the field of Democrats vying to challenge Congressman Keith Rothfus (R-Allegheny) in the general election.

Lamb, who won a special election last week in the 18th Congressional district, filed his petitions to run in the 17th district today.  The 18th district he ran in was split up after the state Supreme Court redrew Pennsylvania’s Congressional maps. Just over 20% of the old 18th district was drawn into the new 17th district, according to our analysis, but that included Lamb’s hometown.  

Petitions to get on the May primary ballot are due to the Pennsylvania Department of State Tuesday.

March 20th, 2018 | Posted in Congress, Front Page Stories | 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “Anthony Exits PA-17 Race, Puts Support Behind Lamb”

  1. Zakrey Bissell says:

    good choice is you made here because for conor lamb is tough to beat in this race for 2018.

    1. Bakrey Zissell says:

      Stupid is as stupid does and I’m as stupid as they come

  2. Paine says:

    Looks like the frat boys are helping each other out.

    1. barryca says:

      as opposed to what?

      1. Paine says:

        I just want them to recognize that there are zero PA women in Congress right now and start talking about it. I think I will puke if Anthony becomes involved in Lamb’s campaign and benefits by association. It just looks like the start of a boy’s club, and we already have enough of that in PA.

    2. Grey says:

      Yes, you’re correct. Same old politics as usual. Women are expected to fall in line then work our butts off to get some frat boy elected. #WeDemandBetter

  3. revresbo says:

    Erin McLelland also withdrew, even though she is much more of a Real Democrat than Lamb is.

    1. Jim says:

      I’d like to know what your definition of a Democrat is. If you mean the loser mentality of always being on the left side of issues and the middle abandons you…then go for it. The majority of America is in the middle and not the right or left wing nuts. You’re what’s wrong with the system.

  4. David Diano says:

    Suspending campaign on day signatures are due?

    Sounds like not enough signatures collected.

    1. David Diano says:

      Day before due

      1. Chris says:

        What’s weird is he announced on Facebook he had 1500. Wonder if the party nudged him out?

        1. Goliath says:

          Probably not nudged, most likely this whole Lamb phenomena that’s literally sweeping the political nation as far as these midterms are concerned is what did it. Erin got out too, not that she ever had a prayer.

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