Anthony Williams Calls for Justice Eakin to Resign

Anthony WilliamsLast year, an email scandal (and a separate scandal) brought down Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery.

Now, at least one prominent Democrat in Harrisburg thinks Justice Michael Eakin should also resign.

Eakin was first mentioned during the McCaffery episode but revelations by the Attorney General shows the Justice was exchanging numerous inappropriate emails.

Now Anthony Williams, the State Senate Minority Whip, is speaking out.

“I waited for about a week to hear the ‘timber’ moment, where people would be appropriately outraged and driving him from the court,” Williams stated, “and I frankly don’t think we’ve had one.”

No Democrats have commented on Williams’ remarks but the Philly GOP is not so shy.

“Yesterday, back bench State Senator and failed Mayoral Candidate attempted to jump into the political fray by calling on Supreme Court Justice Mike Eakin to resign his position,” stated Executive Director of the Philadelphia Republican Party Joe DeFelice. “What we find laughable is where was Senator Williams’ outrage and demand for resignation when Kathleen Kane was indicted. We didn’t hear a peep from Senator Williams when Chaka Fattah was indicted; you could hear crickets when Reps Brownlee, Brown, Waters, Miranda, Bishop, and James were investigated, indicted or convicted and finally, the silence was deafening when his colleague, aka the birthday girl, Sen. Leanna Washington plead guilty to using her staff to throw her a birthday party.”

“Sen. Williams’ recent statement reeks of hypocrisy,” DeFelice continued. “When he launched his abysmally failed Mayoral bid he did so with the slogan ‘One City’ meaning ‘all of us working together, one city working together,’ but what he meant was One City of Corruption, One City to benefit the few and One City that has the highest tax burden in the Country but it was this issue for which Williams broke his silence. Perhaps Williams should take a look at his own house and within his own caucus before trying to grab headlines.”

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  1. Verde – Castille was behing McCaffery getting suspended. Castille and Eakin are buddies. Both Repervlicans. At least Castille wasn’t swapping e-mails like the one below … or the one making fun of rape victims.

  2. Why hasn’t the Supreme Court followed its own precedent? It suspended Mccaffery and forced his retirement? Why is the republican controlled court treating Eakin differently? What is Baer doing? Anything ever come out of that JCB complaint filed against him by the beaver county judge?

  3. By my calendar, Kane has at least a FULL MONTH to make sure she brings all of the creeps out into the light of day. That is a LONG TIME !!

    I am going to have to get more POPCORN

  4. Observer #2: You seem not to have noticed that Schwank is not the only Democrat who is fed up with Train Wreck Kane. A 2/3 vote in the Senate would be a breeze, and the Governor fully supports the removal of Kane. Why is this so hard for you people on the fringe to understand?

    gulag: What exactly were you charged with? Where did you serve your sentence?

  5. I’m waiting for Sen. Judy Schwank(D) to do the same. Or does she only go after Democrats (Kane)…

  6. LARRY: You must be Ha3 or MTG today, as you cannot stand rationality, so personally attack the poster with misplaced nonsense. I’m not Eakin, so not feeling the world is against me. If I am angry, it is because the courts and judges are so damned arrogant and self-righteous, but many are ignorant political hacks who decide cases as favors to friends, political allies, and campaign donors.

  7. Denny Bonavita: The issue is not whether emails are criminal. The standards for judicial ethics need not reach the level of criminality, as pointed out regarding McCaffery. More to the point, Kane had her law license suspended without a criminal conviction, despite your alluding to crimes. In theory at least, this country still has a presumption of innocence.
    As also pointed out by me and others, the emails themselves are not as big a concern as the network of judges, prosecutors, politicians, lawyers, etc that perverts the impartiality of the judicial processes.

  8. Finally a Democrat calls for Eakin to resign……!!!
    Holy crap is this true…..has a Democrat woke up !!!!!

  9. Denny – the “e-mail messages” weren’t criminal when McCaffery resigned either. But they are a huge problem – for the Judge and the Court in general.

    The “chummy” relationship between prosecutors and judges is a problem too. Not to mention the fact that Eakin made fun of rape victims and female victims of domestic violence. It’s untoward. It’s base. And it is unacceptable behavior from a Supreme Court Justice.

  10. If Eakin sent/received racist emails, that’s stupid and ethically wrong, but it is not criminal. We ought not to overturn the results of elections unless the behavior involved is criminal. We’re talking about email messages here, not adultery, bribery, etc.

  11. gulag – Agreed. The reporting on this has been far from fair and far from
    Impartial. The INKY has been the #1 offender. It seems they have a gig in the race, too — since they helped Fina and his buddies illegally leak a ton of protected grand jury information. Look what the INKY did in the Fattah case. They are dirty. Heads will roll there.

  12. gulag: “The whole world is out to get me and corrupt. I will now make statements that have no support in reality. I’m so freaking angry.”

  13. The headline is a call for Eakin to resign, but most of the text is quoting a GOP director’s attack on the person calling for Eakin to resign. Seems like a media bias at work. Or maybe multiple personalities, as though H3 wrote the article.

  14. Also, there is NO truth to the rumor that Seth Williams commandeered a spy blimp and tried to fly it to Scranton to watch over Kane’s house.

  15. Finally – someone standing up to the creeps that have been giving PA’s justice system a bad name. Eakin needs to go – like yesterday. The prosecutors and other Judges need to be held accountable too. That racist image is unacceptable. Making fun of minorities and homosexuals and victims of violence is unacceptable.

  16. Here that knock on the door, Williams? No? You undoubtedly will. And it will be the G-Men, with a host of questions…

  17. You see, Pat Unger and I (well, we’re the same person) keep sharing that same link (sorry, we can’t keep our screen names straight). But we know full well that Eakin did not send that image to anyone. Instead it was one of Kathleen Kane’s lawyers who sent that image. We like to avoid that inconvenient truth.

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