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AP: Clinton Favored by PA Superdelegates

Hillary-ClintonHillary Clinton has already captured the bulk of Pennsylvania’s superdelegates in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

According to Peter Jackson of the Associated Press, Clinton has secured at least 14 of the commonwealth’s 21 superdelegates.

In Democratic presidential contests, superdelegates are statewide party leaders and elected officials who are given votes at the convention. The concept was adopted in 1982 after George McGovern and Jimmy Carter successively won the party’s nomination without much support from party leaders. In the 1984 primary, they helped Walter Mondale beat Gary Hart.

None of the people interviewed by the AP said they’re backing Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley. They either expressed support for Clinton or maintained that they’re uncommitted.

“I think (Clinton) learned a lot from 2008,” State Democratic Chairman Marcel Groen told Jackson. “I think she can win and I think the world of her.”

Jackson also found that Democrats believe Marco Rubio would be the toughest GOP nominee to defeat in the 2016 general election.

Pennsylvania’s presidential primary will take place on April 26th. The commonwealth will have 181 total delegates at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

7 Responses

  1. I actually think Obama is fsiinhed. As I blogged about, he has now been effectively tagged as the black candidate. The one thing that the electorate was doing a really good job of ignoring long enough to listen to him has been removed, and most are seeing him through the prism of race and his association with a seemingly “angry, embittered” black man. The upside of the Wright issue is that it came at the best time it could have when there were no primaries in the offing. He has time to recover, but he was not going to win PA anyway. He will probably lose Indiana and of the remaining contests I believe there are only two that could be considered a lock. She continues to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt among the supers. She is playing for time. She only has to keep the supers from breaking for him until the convention, where it becomes a knife fight. There are very few undecided supers, there are just lots of undeclared supers.Now that he is dragging the stigma of being black around, I make the dreary prediction that he has been damaged beyond repair for the general election and in fact there is a real danger that she can create enough doubt about his electability to persuade the supers. In such a scenario, my only consolation will be that she will crash and burn in the GE as a major portion of the black vote stays home and the democratic party rips itself apart and ensures it will be out of power for another decade.

  2. I am ignorant about whatever superdelegates are, but are these people so out of touch they are ready to back Clinton even before the PA primary? My vote goes to Bernie.

  3. Hillary, thank you so much for giving us Kathleen Kane! Pennsylvania owes you a debt of gratitude for that utter train wreck! Question for you: what accent will you use when you speak to us in PA? Your usual grating Midwestern accent or perhaps try your hand at a Philly accent? Whatever it is, don’t forget to mention how you took a stay-at-home mom who hadn’t practiced law in seven years and helped make her the Attorney General of Pennsylvania!

  4. @Fina is Foul Did you write that in Hungarian and put it through Google translate into Spanish then into English to post that?

  5. Pat you are delusional She did so well with Bengahzi Got Fired for wrong doing from the Watergate Committee , Whitewater , Turned 1000 into 100,000 in Options Yup she would be great for POTUS NOT !!!!!!!!

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