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APP Poll: Wagner 20, Mango 18, Ellsworth 3

A poll from the American Principles Project of Republican primary voters shows state Senator Scott Wagner leading businessman Paul Mango 20-18 with 57% undecided.

The poll conducted by Revily, a polling firm from Atlanta, showed that 86% of those polled were “extremely likely” to vote in the primary.  The only options for the poll were “extremely likely” “very likely” and “somewhat likely.”

According to the poll, Wagner leads the two other challengers with 20%, Mango is in second with 18%, and lawyer Laura Ellsworth with 3%.  The majority of voters, 57% are still undecided.

Wagner leads the favorability ratings in the poll with 30% having a favorable opinion.  27% had a favorable opinion of Mango, and 7% had a favorable opinion of Ellsworth. Wagner also led in unfavorable opinion with 13% unfavorable, while 10% had an unfavorable opinion of Mango and 6% had an unfavorable opinion of Ellsworth.  

The poll was conducted from March 13th-15th using IVR and live interviews of 800 likely voters.  The poll has a margin of error of 3.4%.

“Paul Mango’s conservative message, and his commitment to reform Harrisburg, eliminate property taxes, and bring our jobs and children back home to Pennsylvania is certainly resonating with voters,” Mango’s chief strategist Brian Nutt wrote in an email to supporters about the poll.  

While the poll is one of the first outside polls gauging the support of candidates in the Republican primary according to Pennlive APP admitted to being hostile to Wagner and “wants to see him defeated.”  

“If Mr. Mango wants to tout the illegitimate polling of an organization that has purchased a whole internet site towards the goal of defeating Scott just so he can feel better about himself, that’s his choice, but the people of Pennsylvania are too smart to fall for that.  American Principles Project failed when they tried to sabotage Scott’s bid for the Republican Party’s endorsement and they can continue to waste their donor’s money with lies and shoddy polling just to fail again on May 15,” Wagner spokesman Andrew Romeo told Pennlive.

You can view the poll below.

PA Gubernatorial Primary Topline Report by Paul Engelkemier on Scribd

54 Responses

  1. Laura Ellsworth is without a doubt the best person to sit in the governor’s chair. She has the ideas and knowledge that make for a Governor that can lead Pennsylvania to its full potential. The commonwealth has everything it needs to be the “keystone” state in the 21st century, but poor leadership and political divisiveness has proven to be a crippling recipe. Laura Ellsworth can deliver on the promise of Pennsylvania in a way that Scott Wagner and Paul Mango can not. Ellsworth for Governor!!! I hope she can pull off the victory because Pennsylvania needs it.

  2. The high percentage of undecideds 57% makes the AP Poll as helpful as being told Monday follows Sunday. Maybe I’m way out there but Mango seems too much the ideologue in this cycle and a more balanced candidate like Tom Ridge type would be needed for victory. I see Mango the weakest in the fall between Wagner and Mango to go against Wolf. Just sensing this particular year is not a good one for rigid hardliners like Mango and that Wolf looks good this Fall.

  3. Why is my comments all the ways down at the bottom of the page, who I maybe support is of the udder most importance.




    1. Not trying to start an argument here, but a genuine question- didn’t Joe get removed from the ballot because of State age requirements to hold the office of Lt. Gov?

      1. Bill C, you are correct. Gale does not meet the PA constitutional requirement to serve as Lt. Gov. Gale contends there is a loophole in the constitution but seemingly every legal-mind who has reviewed the language and Gale’s argument disagree’s with his assessment.

        This is a political stunt at the expense of Montgomery County taxpayers.

  5. After many months of research and following Paul Mango, he by far and wide the best choice to bring a stronger economyand better educational system. And also Iamvery impressed with his pick for Lt.Governor Dianah Irey Vaughan. They together are a incredible team. They Have My VOTE

    1. It is very telling to me that Paul would ask someone to run with him (also, his second choice), and then less than a month later, she’s trying to jump ship and run for congress. There are two possibilities as to why that happened:

      1. Diana know’s Paul can’t win and thought a congressional candidacy would be more successful, or;

      2. Diana has had a chance to work with Paul and realized he wasn’t the man for the job.

      Regardless, only after Diana was told by multiple operatives and party leadership that they would be supporting Guy, she announced she was staying in the Lt. Gov race.

      If Paul Mango runs PA the way he runs his campaign, PA is doomed. Thank god he won’t make it that far.

  6. Amazing how many folks on here actually think candidates who align with Trump have an advantage in Pennsylvania and that far-right positions are popular. Keep thinking that guys.

  7. As a democrat who is not voting for wolf,mango would get my vote if he would be the nominee,sorry wagner seems a bit angry for me.

  8. Paul Mango is the only person that can beat Wolf because Gop voters will not vote for Scott Wagner in the primary, the bathroom Bill that he is a co-sponcer of is a pain in the side of value voters and there are lots of us in Pennsylvania.

  9. Is Mango the same type principled christian like President Trump? You know, the same president who was spanked by a porn star, has had multiple affairs and has some weird fantasy about his eldest daughter?

    If that’s Paul Mango, Tom Wolf will be licking his chops.

      1. Mango hates gays. He’s been attacking Wagner for being a cosponsor on a humane bill to make it illegal to terminate someone based on their sexual orientation.

        Since when is hating people a christian principle? Do your research.

        1. Nice try, but weaponizing Christian’s grace against them won’t work here. The resentment towards this bill, is because it is trying to legislate Marxist principles into our society that do not respect the religious and leave our children vulnerable to predators taking advantage of the law. Trying to equate ones protectiveness of their religious views and their children to hate is a low IQ trick that has run it’s course.

          1. First off, the bill doesn’t explicitly allow people to enter any bathroom they wish. The bill’s intent was to protect individuals from being discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. Would Paul Mango support that policy alone? Doubtful. Why? Because the “values voters” would disown him and vote for the other guy.

            His supporters, these “christian values voters,” who turn a blind-eye to actual immoral behavior, have bankrupted Christianity. Paul is just feeding off of this morally bankrupt group of voters to try and beat Wagner.

            In the General Election, Mango will have to win over moderate voters who don’t subscribe to the values-voters litmus tests. All this nonsense he’s saying now will be thrown back in his face and the voters will stand with Wolf.

            Keep trying to win a state-wide election on social issues. You’ll lose every time.

      1. Hmmm, I guess from one illiterate person to another, it should say “You obviously are AN illiterate person…”

        This has been fun, though. Paul’s Possy is out in numbers today! How much is he paying you guys?

  10. I appreciate the efforts by the Mango surrogates on this post. Truthfully, Mango was the best candidate to match up against Wolf until he realized he couldn’t beat Wagner from the left. Then, his brilliant consultants decided that Mango could only beat Wagner by running to his right.

    So, great, Mango may beat Wagner (doubtful) but if he does, he’s positioned himself to be completely unelectable against Wolf because he’s taken on the extreme right-flank of the party to win a primary.

    Ellsworth is the only person who can beat Wolf this year and she has no shot at winning the nomination. Wolf gets 4 more years in a walk…

      1. Haha, good luck. Your boyfriend is gonna lose by upwards of 7-10 points if runs against Wolf.

    1. Paul Mango is a gentleman with ethics. Paul boasts morality, integrity, and principle!

      1. Paul also has boasted his support of Obamacare. Not once, not twice, but many times. Sorry, any Republican Primary voter that falls for his “conservative” message clearly can be duped easily.

          1. Illiterate, Joe. Out on the prowl? Where did you get your high school education? Let us know because that district obviously needs more basic education dollars flowing in to help the kids with spelling and sentence structure.

            Does Paul Mango have a plan for that?

      2. Does Paul pay his property taxes in a timely fashion? If so, he’ll have my vote. I just can’t stand it when people don’t pay their taxes!

        Joey needs all the money he can get for his salary so he can continue to spread the good word throughout PA!

  11. I’ll personally never vote for Wagner, even if he wins the primary. I know many more who share the same ideal. Ellsworth is a non contender, and more than likely(almost certainly) a closet liberal like Wagner. One clear choice for principled christian conservatives in this race.

    1. Is Mango the same type principled christian like President Trump? You know, the same president who was spanked by a porn star, has had multiple affairs and has some weird fantasy about his eldest daughter?

      If that’s Paul Mango, Tom Wolf will be licking his chops.

      1. Copy/pasting your own statements is lame. You have not done your research. Mango is about as wholesome and respectable as they come. Family man, still married to the same women for over 30 years. 5 successful daughters, one who also graduated from West Point like her mother and father and served her nation in Korea. Commie Wolf won’t stand a chance against Mango. Veterans, trade unions, and conservative Christians will carry the win.

        1. Women? Wait, Paul is married to more than one woman? That’s illegal and immoral.

          All joking aside, if being married to the same WOMAN is how were qualifying candidates these days, Wolf has been married for 43 years. You have not done your research. Gov. Wolf by your own standard is more qualified than Paul Mango.

          1. Straw-man much? I never even referenced wolfs moral standing or his marital history, simply that he was representative of socialist/communist/marxist politics. It was you who insinuated impropriety on Mango’s behalf and I merely refuted your assertion by presenting the facts. You got me on the one letter spelling error, I concede, but your argument otherwise is non existent.

          2. Paul Mango was for the ACA before he was against it. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t conservatives believe the ACA is a socialist program?

          3. Also, here’s the worst possible news for you. I’m an independent voter not affiliated with either campaign. I wouldn’t vote for Wagner nor would I vote for Mango.

            However, at least Wagner is authentic in his beliefs and doesn’t change anytime the wind shifts.

            I voted for Corbett, I’ve voted for Romney, I’ve voted for Clinton and I’ll be voting for Wolf.

        2. Wagner shill spotted. Your truly are indistinguishable form your leftist counterparts. Also, FAKE NEWS.

          1. Just because you decide to ignore facts about the candidate you’re “shilling” for, doesn’t make it fake news.

            If Paul Mango told you the sky was purple, I’m assuming you’d believe that too.

          2. No iv’e read the quoted article in the economist and anyone with a functional baseline understanding of a) economic b)the context of the discussion coming from a global health consultant discussing an impact in the market of the magazines home country.

            Furthermore there are publicly available articles written by Mr. Mango staunchly advocating for free market healthcare. Your attempt at misinformation is predicated up me being ignorant of the available media and also ignorant of a specified context.

  12. Mr. Mango is the only person to fix Pennsylvania. I will be voting for him in the primary. He’s a man of integrity and has a plan to take Pennsylvania in the right direction. Wagner is a bully.

    1. This is the most important aspect of the race.

      Wagner has almost zero chance of beating wolf in the general.

      All of the reasons Wagner can’t win happen to be strong point for Mango’s ability to win.

    2. Wagner . . . Wolf . . .Same ideologies. . .Different faces. . .Both liars!

      1. That’s a pretty ridiculous statement. Although Mango supporters aren’t the brightest crayons in the box.

  13. I’m amazed this is considered news-worthy. APP has been Anti-Wagner / Pro-Mango since day 1. Regardless of who you like this could not have been a fair poll. Ridiculous.

    1. People don’t wan’t to vote for somelone like Wagner. Nothing ridiculous about it. The “trashman” is “trash”…man.

  14. The party messed up big in trying to force Wagner. It almost like they want to try and lose.

    They have their entire machine aligned and greased to try and force the Wagner primary, yet they can’t even ,muster a consensus.

    Wagner has advocated for raising the purchasing age of some firearms to 21.

    Wagner has missed 109 votes as State Senator (more than any other Senator in that time).

    Wagner endorsed the “Fairness Act” while receiving $15,000 in donations from anti-christian lgbtq activist Tim Gill. This act would allow access to our children’s public restrooms and locker rooms, to anyone who decided to identify as the opposite sex.

    Wagner is on record as donating to and voting for Ed Rendell. He is on record donating to shamed, corrupt, liberal ex AG Kathleen Kane.

    Before he was considered the as the establishments shoe in for the governors race, he was a running joke in late night TV.

    His personal missteps are as abundant as his political, and legislative missteps.

    Mango is the only conservative who can garner a consensus vote among both veterans, trade unions, and the Christian right. All of these groups will pivotal in taking back the Governors office in November.

    1. MAGAman-

      They are both going to lose because voters don’t want right-wing nutjobs. Conservative = incompetent

  15. Not a fan of Wagner at all. Seems like a worse version of Trump. Mango is okay, but Ellsworth is my favorite. Hope she can pull it out.

    1. Ellsworth is the best choice. She’s not well known, so make sure you talk donyoy friends and let them know about her.

  16. A poll from the “American Principles Project” should show that none of these guys have American principles.

    70% of these turkeys have a favorable opinion of Trump. Wow. They are seriously uninformed about what a terrible job he’s doing.

  17. good choice Paul is to not run for a term for governor maybe I will support you in a future US Senate run or a governor run in 2022 if Pat Toomey decides to retire or when potentially tom wolf is term limited if he does wins reelection this year though I maybe will not is support you though because I will maybe support someone else maybe.

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