NEW YORK — Rumors, musings and random notes gathered from a the annual gathering of Pennsylvania’s political “elite.”

PoliticsPA has heard from multiple GOP sources that Republican state Rep. Michael Peifer will run in the 10th Congressional District against Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Carney. Peifer, elected in 2007 to the legislature, represents an area in the the wide-ranging congressional district’s northeastern region. He won’t face former Republican candidate Dan Meusser, who told PoliticsPA he’s focused on helping elect GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett instead.

Gubernatorial candidates from both parties seem to agree on at least one thing: Expect their races to hit high-gear at the onset of the new year. Said Democratic candidate Joe Hoeffel, “Come January, it’s full speed ahead for everybody.”

Speaking of Hoeffel, the Montgomery County Commissioner is very confident he’ll be able to beat out his four Democratic gubernatorial rivals in the primary. So much so he’s already focusing some of his criticism not on them, but on Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett.

“I expect Tom will be our opponent in the fall,” he said, adding later, “It’s never too early to mix it up.”

The Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association seemed to attract
just about every high-profile candidate for office during its morning event, including Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey. The putative GOP nominee’s campaign manager, Mark Harris, told PoliticsPA Toomey’s efforts on the campaign trail have focused on expanding his list of donors. The total so far? 27,000 people, Harris said, compared to 14,000 for the 2004 campaign.

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  1. I want to say thank you Montco Commissioner Jim Matthews whose traitorous actions have turned Joe Hoeffel into a real candidate for governor. He should have been politically dead, but that’s where you came in Jim. I told you to screw Castor, not hand the courthouse over to the Democrats by hiring every losing Democrat candidate while giving Hoeffel millions in economic development slush funds. You really are stupid. I can’t defend you and stop asking me for money.

  2. If Mike Peifer decides to run he will be the next Congressman from PA-10. We are now waiting to hear if State Rep. Peifer is willing to represent the 10th Congressional District of PA and as soon as we hear that he is we will begin work on his winning campaign!

    Peifer for Congress – 2010

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