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By Alex Roarty
PoliticsPA Staff Writer

Republican Tim Burns leads Democrat Mark Critz by 3 points, 44 percent to 41 percent, in their special election battle to succeed the late U.S. Rep. John Murtha, a Public Policy Poll released Tuesday shows.

Perhaps the biggest takeway from the new survey is the district’s distaste, even among Democrats, of President Obama and the Democrats recently approved health care reform. Just half the area’s Democrats approve of the job the president is doing, the poll reports, substantially lower than party members nationwide.

And only 43 percent of them supported the health care bill, it reported, evidence as to why Critz, Murth’s former district director, has publicly opposed the legislation.

The race, however, remains a statistical dead heat between the two men. A poll commissioned by a conserative group shows the businessman Burns trailing Critz by 1 point, The Fix reports.

2 Responses

  1. Pole or Poll????

    Anyway, if I’m promised transparency and don’t get it….I’m upset. Remember a famous quote: No New Taxes! Neither party has much to be proud of lately.

    There’s enough guilt to go around.

    Bottom line….neither party should be writting checks they can’t cover. It’s time for eveyrone to live within their means. If there’s no benefits in working….why work???

  2. Lets not start the goofy idea of a pole here and a pole there. A better name for these poles would be “cesspool”. The only reason people in Pa. don’t agree with the new health care bill is the false and misinformation that the republican propaganda machine has spread from one side of the country to the other. The condition of the country and Pa. are a result of their illiterate leadership. Governor Rendell’s efforts to fix the economic collapse and make Pa. self sufficient are being meant by people who don’t realize the responsibility of real leadership and are easily influenced by right wing propaganda and people or politicians that would say anything just to get into office. I am a former republican and now independent for 14 years. I can honestly tell everyone in this country that they need to take a step back and take a deep breath and re-evaluate their party position.
    You can;t double the national debt and reduce tax’s for the rich while fighting two wars and then decide that the next administration should just roll over and die and let a depression destroy the economic structure of the country. And then go on to demand reduced tax’s and less spending while putting the spin on the blame of the economic condition of the country. Imagine President Obama bringing home all the soldiers at the same time and ending the useless wars of the Bush administration? You think there’s no jobs now? This mess is a result of republican leadership and I myself see this condition as no accident. Their pilfer of the American county and cover up needs to be remembered for exactly what it was, GREED and LUST!! Aimed at the destruction of social security and medicare with no regard to the billions of normal American tax payers and retiree’s. The last thing we need is to put a republican in any position of state or federal control, EVER. The republican motto is: Decrease tax, increase debt, destroy organized and fare labor, end social security and medicare, scramble and pilfer the American government and the people. Preserve and conserve special interest greed and wealth with fake religion, false information and propaganda. Exactly like the communist manifesto.

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