PoliticsPA: Corbett files suit against health care bill

By Alex Roarty
PoliticsPA Staff Writer

Attorney General Tom Corbett on Monday joined with other attorneys general across the country to launch a lawsuit against the health care bill approved Sunday night, a move that will likely boost his bona fides among conservatives who almost universally despise the legislation.

In a brief statement issued by his office, the attorney general said the bill was unconstitutional.

He joins an effort by attorney generals in 10 other states to repeal the measure once President Obama signs it into law, which could come later this week. Their moves are part of a last-ditch Republican effort to stop the legislation, which hasn’t received any GOP support nationally or locally.

It’s unclear how successful their lawsuit will be, with one critic, Governor Ed Rendell, saying earlier Monday that any such challenge in the courts would be “political grandstanding” and a waste of money.

But if nothing else, it could solidify Corbett’s right flank in his primary battle against state Rep. Sam Rohrer, whose campaign is built around support from grassroots conservative activists. Rohrer also tried to get in on the action, circulating a petition to support state bills that would seek to nullify the federal legislation.

The Berks County lawmaker has emphasized the importance of state sovereignty over the federal government throughout his campaign.

March 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Front Page Stories | 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “PoliticsPA: Corbett files suit against health care bill”

  1. I consider something genuinely interesting about your website so I saved to favorites .

  2. Aaron says:

    Wonderful news! Tom Corbett, We support you here in Bucks County PA. This treasonous piece of legislation known as obama-care needs to be repealed ASAP. Furthermore, we need an honest inquiry into just who Barry Soetoro aka ‘Barrack Hussein Obama’ really is.

  3. Iwanna says:

    Now that we have guaranteed medical insurance for pre-existing conditions, I want the same for my house and car. Why not? What’s the difference? I should be able to buy cheap auto insurance for my car AFTER it has been totalled in an accident, and for my home AFTER it has been destroyed by a hurricane and collect for the pre-existing damage! I don’t care if the insurance company goes bankrupt after paying my claims – that’s their problem. If they try do weasel out of paying my claims by going under, then the government should force some other insurance company to pay me. I don’t care which one – they are all evil greedy faceless capitalists. It that fails, then all of you greedy people who work for a living and pay taxes should pay me… Afterall – I’m entitled! I have a right!

  4. Willie Dennis says:

    Is time to vote you out

  5. sandi says:

    Attorney General Corbett should NOT interfere with Health Care Reform.
    I want this new reform. How can you undo letting kids have health care because they have pre-existing conditions. How can you undo having my 19 year old son have health care? Is there a petition to sign to object to his filing this law suit?

  6. John Harvey says:

    I do not want the Attorney General filing suits to overturn the newly passed bill in my my name. Health Care Reform is a century overdue.

  7. Ollie Jones says:

    I am not paying his salary for him to interfere in party politics. If he can file his suit on his time and dime he may proceed, but he serves the people of PA. By 2014 he will be in private practice if my vote counts.

  8. H D Corn says:

    After all of these years of do-nothing executive and/or legislature, we have had the guts to elect a thinking man and some thinking legislators. We cannot afford to allow greed to corrupt our officials, elected and/or appointed, for the betterment of a few already affluent attorneys, politicians, lobbyists, and corporate executives.

    Corbett deserves to be removed from office.

  9. Isaac L. says:

    Attorneys general.

    And when can we expect the investigation into Corbett’s use of public funds for political purposes? Oh, the irony.

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