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By Alex Roarty
PoliticsPA Staff Writer

HARRISBURG — Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka “Joe the Plumber,” took aim at former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin during a campaign event Saturday afternoon for Republican gubernatorial candidate Sam Rohrer.

The 2008 presidential campaign phenomenon said Palin is not the leader of the conservative Tea Party movement.

“She’s backing John McCain,” Wurzelbacher said. “John McCain is of the Republican machine. That’s not what the Tea Party is all about.”

Wurzelbacher, who acknowledged his remarks about Palin might not be popular with the crowd of 400 mostly conservative activists, later said, “I’m here to tell you John McCain is no public servant.”

Palin, who was McCain‘s vice presidential pick, has endorsed the U.S. Senator from Arizona in his upcoming GOP primary.

Wurzelbacher said the tea party movement is led by its grassroots members, not any one leader in politics or the media.

13 Responses

  1. Typo: “Here”, not “hear”, unless these folks have somehow spelled it out. The speaker is affirming that he is in a particular place, not asserting that he has become a verb, let alone Spartacus.

  2. I’m a thinkin that Joe sees Sarah makin $$$ for speaking fees, so he will try to churn up a little cash for himself. Do any of these people really stand for something or are they just playing the crowd for $uckers

  3. I have news for Wurzelbacher! The teabaggers are led by DICK ARMEY and his firm of money-makin crew; why hasn’t he figured that out yet? Oh yeah, I remember, he is just as ignorant now as he was when ‘pallin around with Palin and McCain’.

  4. Mr. Wurzelbacher apparently doesn’t realize that his 15 minutes were up 15 months ago. Nobody cares what he says.

  5. Joe the Dumber?… Didn’t his head cave in a few months ago due to lack of anything to hold up his forhead? Wonder if he ever got his plumbing license, or paid his back taxes, or learned to read and write, or finally found love in a public men’s room like most right wing loons do? Somebody, ANYBODY, please answer these questions before… OOPS too late, I no longer give a rat’s ass about Joe the Inbred Moron. He went in my “please go away and/or simply drop dead so I can have a good laugh” file with that white trash broard who’s name escapes me but has the ugly, spit dribbling baby and the whore daughter who screwed the entire trailer park and high schoool football team on the same night and wound up with a morn’s baby to prove she’s all twat like her mother.

  6. What would the Tea Party folks think if they knew Palin sent a contribution to Lindsey Graham and to other Republican candidates over their more Tea Party friendly challengers.

    Also she is still advised by former McCain campaign staffers. From the Daily Beast(

    Former McCain staffer Jason Recher works as operations chief. Palin’s two main policy advisers are Randy Scheunemann and Kim Daniels, both vets from the McCain world as well. Palin’s political action committee, Sarah PAC, is led by former RNC senior adviser Pam Pryor.

    Palin also has a pair of Washington lawyers in her corner: Robert Barnett, a D.C. powerbroker who negotiated her book contract, and John Coale, a Democrat like Barnett who happens to be married to Palin’s Fox News colleague Greta Van Susteren. But Malek is the dean; his place in the Washington establishment dates back to his days in the Nixon administration.

    And who’s the Money Man?

    Fred Malek, one of the capital’s most venerable Republican wise men.

    Malek served as Finance Chair of McCain’s presidential campaign.

    But the Tea Party crowd only knows the myth of Sarah Palin. They are being so manipulated by the Republican party but they are blinded by Sister Sarah.

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