UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Sestak hits the air Tuesday

By Alex Roarty
PoliticsPA Staff Writer

UPDATE: A source familiar with the ads tells PoliticsPA the seven-day buy is worth about $930,000, with heavy concentrations in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh media markets.

The Philadelphia broadcast TV purchase was worth nearly $350,000, or 875 gross ratings points. The Pittsburgh broadcast market will see about $135,000 worth of ads, or 1,100 gross ratings points. The purchase includes cable TV for both, according to the source.

The 60-spot appears set to air in all of the state’s six television markets except the smallest, Erie.

Is Tuesday the day Joe Sestak’s campaign finally makes its long-awaited debut on the state’s airwaves?

Several calls and e-mails to the Democratic challenger’s campaign went unreturned, but multiple sources with knowledge of the ad buy confirmed to PoliticsPA that the U.S. Senate candidate will begin airing TV ads sometime Tuesday.  The size of the buy couldn’t be confirmed.

Political operatives both nationally and statewide have long awaited Sestak’s first TV ads, which are considered crucial to his campaign to unseat incumbent U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter. The question now is, with four week left in the campaign, did the southeast congressman wait to long to begin his TV campaign? Nearly every public poll of the race shows him trailing by double-digits, with some showing him down as many as 21 points.

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One thought on “UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Sestak hits the air Tuesday”

  1. John Barone says:

    Sestak Knocking Joe Vod Varka off the Ballot worked against him The Conservatives would have Voted for Vod Varka thus pulling Votes away from Specter

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