PoliticsPA’s Up & Down: 2/26 Edition




Jim Gerlach and Manan Trivedi
both had some good news in the race for Gerlach’s Chester County seat.  Wealthy Republican Steve Welch is now out of the race, clearing the way for Gerlach.  On the other side, physician and Iraq War vet Trivedi got a crucial endorsement from the Chester County Democratic Committee…instead of Doug Pike. You better believe that’s going to be a nasty primary.



Jack Murtha’s loyal district director Mark Critz received the blessing of Murtha’s widow, Joyce, in his quest for his former boss’s seat.   With former Lt. Gov. Mark Singel officially out of the race, Critz will battle with former state treasurer Barbara Hafer for the party’s support and the chance to take on the successful GOP candidate (either Tim Burns or Bill Russell).  Still, the eventual winner might not be in DC for long – the 12th may disappear after post-census re-districting in 2011.





Who knew Paul Kanjorski was hip enough to make it into Rolling Stone?It’s too bad Kanjo didn’t make the cover, though.  How would Corey O’Brien compete with that?



Apparently, attorneys on both sides off Mike Veon’s trial haven’t been playing nice.  Judge Richard Lewis gave them a stern dressing down for their “combativeness” and for “glaring” and “staring” at jurors.  As this trial drags on, the atmosphere will only get worse.  Good luck, Judge Lewis.





This, apparently, is former Rep. Melissa Hart’s car, parked in the House garage down in DC.  Wow.



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  1. Ignatius Reilly says:

    Is it just me or is Doug Pike going to spend a lot of money just to lose to Manan Trivedi?

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