PoliticsPA’s Up & Down: 5/21 Edition

Attorney General Tom Corbett is wasting everyone’s time issuing subpoenas for the names of two people on Twitter that have less-than-flattering things to say about the AG and GOP gubernatorial candidate (not to mention the free speech laws he’s trampling on).  Grow up, Tom.  Every high school kid with braces and a bad haircut has dealt with worse than this.  Stand tall, @casablancapa.

The Philadelphia-based Campaign Group took the pitch and knocked it out of the park – taking down longtime Sen. Arlen Specter,  a living legend in the state and national politics. Next up for Sestak, Balaban, Oxman and Schweitzer?  Republican Pat Toomey, whose history with Wall Street and the Club for Growth will provide plenty of material.

Democrat Doug Pike’s campaign in the 6th District looked promising at the start, but wild card candidate Manan Trivedi spoiled the party and took the Democratic nomination from right under Pike’s feet.  You can bet Rep. Jim Gerlach is taking Trivedi seriously – Trivedi’s decidedly non-political resume is appealing to voters who have already shown an anti-incumbent mindset.

Staring down a potentially disastrous midterm cycle, the DCCC made a serious statement in the PA-12 special election, not only avoiding what would’ve been a huge GOP upset, but doing so by a wider-than-expected margin.  Republicans would have portrayed a W in the 12th as the tip of a very big iceberg, but Democrats showed in Johnstown that they can still win in centrist, rust-belt districts.

Mum’s still the word from the White House, but will Pat Toomey continue questioning whether the Obama administration really offered Democrat Joe Sestak a job to drop from the primary?  It’s already an awkward situation with Sestak and the party leaders that spurned him, but the job offer that was(n’t?) could make things even more complicated.


Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis sentenced political operative Brett Cott to 21-60 months today.  Really?  Cott gets more time than Vince Fumo?

 Plus, all kinds of ups and downs in our new House rankings – only on

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  1. Toomey held a Press Conference on Wednesday-a.m. @ the NE-Philly Airport.

    He was explicitly asked this question by Carl Cameron of FNC…both “publicly” (with 18 people listening) and “privately” (before only the videotape purchased by Rupert Murdoch).

    Repeatedly, he said he has no interest in pursuing this issue; his focus is solely on Sestak’s voting-record (100%-Pelosi, admitted by Sestak) and how–on multiple fronts–Sestak’s personal posture is more radical than that of Mainstream-Democrat postures.

    [One would wonder why the Press hasn’t pursued the potential illegality of this quotation, but hope springs eternal.]

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