Wall Street Warrior Pat Toomey Thanks Big Oil For Their Contributions – Advocates For Drill Baby Drill Following Oil Spill Disaster

HARRISBURG: As the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico enters its 50th day, Senate candidate Pat Toomey is keeping up his chant of drill baby, drill as he rakes in record contributions from Big Oil interests. Despite what is being labeled the largest environmental disaster in American history, Toomey says the U.S. needs to step-up drilling domestically and says a drilling moratorium goes too far. Why is Toomey fighting so hard for Big Oil? It might have something to do with the fact that of all the Republican Senate candidates this cycle, Toomey is the biggest recipient of campaign contributions from Halliburton. Toomey has taken over $96,050 during his career from the Big Oil and gas industries, including $4,500 from Halliburton alone this cycle. Perhaps most revealing is that Toomey received $2,500 from Halliburton after the initial oil spill, which was the largest single donation Halliburton made in May.
“Halliburton has settled on Pat Toomey as their favorite candidate this election cycle, and their big investments in him are paying dividends,” said PA Dems spokesman Patrick Mckenna. “Despite the worst environmental disaster in history, and with thousands of jobs on the Gulf coast threatened, Toomey continues to chant drill baby, drill, and then turns around and accepts record amounts of money from Big Oil and gas. We knew Toomey was a rubberstamp for his Wall Street buddies, but now it’s clear he’s the ultimate shill for his Big Oil and gas backers as well.”
Derivatives trader Pat Toomey has been fighting for Wall Street his entire adult life, often advocating for policies that have been disastrous to Main Street. Toomey made a career as a derivatives trader on Wall Street, where he made money engaging in the same reckless behavior that contributed to the collapse of the economy in the first place. After being elected to Congress, Toomey carried water for the same corporate special interests he represented on Wall Street, compiling a far-right legislative record, even further right then former Senator Rick Santorum. During his time in Congress, Toomey fought against Wall Street regulation, which resulted in policies that hurt Main Street. After leaving Congress, Toomey served as President of the Club for Growth, a far-right political organization dedicated to pro-Wall Street, anti-Main Street policies. Now, as a Senate candidate, Toomey wants to take the country back to the same failed policies that lead to economic collapse in the first place.

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One thought on “Wall Street Warrior Pat Toomey Thanks Big Oil For Their Contributions – Advocates For Drill Baby Drill Following Oil Spill Disaster”

  1. J 2 the B says:

    Wow, Sestak is sure getting desperate.

    Toomey took campaign money from large companies, some of them even OIL COMPANIES. THE HORROR!!!!! OMG I HEARD TOOMEY FEEDS PEPTO BISMOL TO SEA GULLS DOWN THE SHORE.

    But Sestak got an illegal job offer from the WH, refused to answer questions about it, then concocted a lie with Rahm and Clinton to try to make it all look innocent (and no one bought it).

    Mr Sestak, you are a disgrace.

    Oh, and the ‘Wall Street’ / ‘Main Street’ gimmick is so hack. Try something new.

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