Ardo Explains Why He Resigned as Kane’s Spokesman (VIDEO)

Chuck Ardo gave his first TV interview since announcing his intention to step down as Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s spokesman.

Ardo spoke to Dennis Owens of ABC27 and Owens brought up the fact that Ardo lasted much longer than his six predecessors.

“That’s kinda like claiming a marriage that ends in divorce worked out fine for a short period of time,” Ardo responded. “It’s still a marriage that ends in divorce.”

“She really doesn’t make any effort to communicate with the senior staff,” he continued before criticizing her secretive tendencies. “Anybody who believes that, you know, government ought to operate in silence and secrecy needs to move to North Korea.”

“You can’t do the job when you fundamentally disagree with that position,” Ardo concluded.

It’s unclear who will replace him and become the Attorney General’s eighth spokesperson.

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  2. Seth Williams must rue the day he met Frank Fina. Even the one public corruption case that Fina made blew up in Seth’s face.

    And now he has known racists and woman-haters masquerading as prosecutors. Once the truth about Frank Fina came out, he had a chance to fix it. His 1st Assistant and a top deputy implored Seth to fire the racist perverts. But Seth didn’t listen. Instead, he pushed those two out and brought in sycophants – including Fina’s lawyer’s wife.

    Now the porn and racism is flowing. More will come soon from Gansler’s report. The Superior Court found that Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.” A complaint was made with the Disciplinary Board. Fina is now in the paper withholding evidence that the Court ordered him to produce; evidence from the case where he arrested only the Black guys and let the White guys skate.

    All Seth had to do was listen to his 1st Assistant and his top deputy. And he would still have a political career in Philadelphia. Instead- he is more likely to be in an orange jumpsuit than he is the Mayor’s Office.

  3. Why does everyone keep talking about my wife and my client (Frank Fina)?

    So what if both Frank Fina and Tyron Ali (the cooperator in Fina’s sting case) are both my clients? So what if my one client (Fina) dropped all the charges against my other client (Ali)??

    So what if my one client (Fina) let my other client (Ali) keep the $400,000.00 he stole from PA taxpayers???

    So what if me and Fina are now suing for more taxpayer money????????

  4. If this idiot is willing to rip Kane like that, we need to get him over here to the Philadelphia D.A.’s Office. That’s what we do!! Every time we rip AG Kane, the value of my husband’s $$$-driven lawsuit goes up. Ditto for every time we say nice things about my husband’s racist client in that $$$-driven lawsuit.

  5. Can’t imagine why he is not answering Pat’s question … lol

    DD – How many times have I typed that it has been “kanesdriver” all along? What was his last name again?

  6. They are tackling about me on the other article now!! WTF are we gonna do? I cannot go to jail? I thought you guys were keeping it under wraps!!

  7. I am just glad people are not talking about me, my husband, and my husband’s racist client – Frank Fina !!

    So what if I hang up on reporters looking for answers on how $$$ would allow Johnny Doc to avoid handcuffs … So what if Seth and I demoted the Deputy that suggested we arrest Johnny Doc ….

    And so what if my husband and Fina are working together on a $$$-driven lawsuit against AG Kane and the OAG? I mean … So what? Does that mean I can’t say nice things about Frank Fina on behalf of the City??? Does that mean I can’t rip AG Kane??

    Come on. I will make more $$$ if I prop up Fina and rip Kane. Seems pretty clear. Why should I stop?!?! More $$$ is GOOD.

  8. So, Mr. Stauffer – Is your “real” name Williams or Robert? Because at 2:49PM you are “Robert.” And then at 3:04PM you are William.

    It would seem to a casual observer that you are really just a troll using multiple fake screen-names.

    Seek help.

  9. Hey Brett thanks for noticing the difference only the person the post was about would have cared enough to have responded like you. Confirmed and Owned

  10. Now I don’t know what to do. first he has me post as Mrs. SpongeBob. Then he starts to use “William Stauffer” … and now, all of a sudden, he is “Robert Stauffer.” I ma not even sure who I married. But I know he likes TEA. And he brings home a good buck from his “job” at the rest-stop along the Tunrpike.

  11. HaHaHa Brett Cott probably as many times as your woman when you were put in jail by Frank Fina. Is it possible he stopped by your place too?

  12. Brett Cott aka HaHaHa well say what you want but I’m not stupid enough to get arrested be prosecuted and sent to jail by Frank Fina. You must be really dumb Brett but I have to admit whoever you got to change the name in the post is pretty smart so that leaves you out

  13. Are you sure your name is “William Stauffer”???

    Because on the other article (about Castor and the Press Conference), you post the same thing as “Robert Stauffer” —

    Robert Stauffer says:
    June 1, 2016 at 2:24 pm
    HaHaHa aka Brett Cott
    This story is about you. You made the papers even though it’s because Fina had you arrested, prosecuted and put in jail.
    HARRISBURG –Bonusgate defendent Brett Cott received a sentence of 21 to 60 months on three charges this morning.
    He also received three fines totaling $11,000 and was told to make restitution to the state of $50,000. The sentence was imposed by Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis, who rejected Mr. Cott’s defense attorny’s plea for probation. Mr. Cott was found guilty on three charges: conflict of interest, theft of services, and conspiracy.
    I can get the rest of the story plus your picture that was in the paper since it’s all public knowledge. Now I have to be honest this was a Pennsylvania paper, maybe New York dosent know about you being arrested.

    Wow. You are so incredibly stupid.

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