Are the Kane and McCord Cases Connected?

Kane-McCordA year ago, former State Treasurer Rob McCord pled guilty to extortion charges.

Yet McCord is not in prison and we haven’t really heard about him since.

Perhaps that’s not an accident. There are already indications that McCord’s case is related to the scandal surrounding Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski. Now it appears there may be links between McCord and the Kathleen Kane saga.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, there could be recordings of Kane’s aides.

“As Attorney General Kathleen Kane dodged a removal vote in the state Senate, word continued to circulate about the prospect of federal wiretap recordings of Kane’s operatives,” Bumsted wrote. “Why federal recordings? Sources say they are an offshoot of the federal investigation of former Treasurer Rob McCord, who pleaded guilty to extortion more than a year ago. He admitted in federal court to shaking down state contractors for campaign cash.”

While the State Senate’s attempt to remove Kane failed, the State House is still proceeding with impeachment hearings. If wiretaps do exist, it’s possible we’ll hear them there.

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19 thoughts on “Are the Kane and McCord Cases Connected?”

  1. eagleswing says:

    “”The word is circulating that there could be a connection between Graci and Eakin that was leaked by Castille after his private dinner with DeNaples.””–It’s not just ‘circulating words– it’s confirmed facts and it’s all out there– Graci helps Eakin win judgeship, serves as lawyer for his campaign committee, the Eakin wires chief counsel JIRB job appointment for Graci. then Graci ‘investigates’ his dear friend Eakin WITHOUT disclosing to the other PA S Ct justices this blatant conflict of interest. If Graci and Eakin are not guilty of ethical lapses here for ‘lack of candor to the tribunal’, Pa Disc Board and JIRB should just fold their tents and go out of business. Eakin is simply beyond salvage.

  2. HaHaHa says:

    Hey stalker troll — If you want to be President of the HaHaHa Fan Club, you are gonna have to type it correctly!!!

  3. Katie says:

    Whats next blame McCord for the weather.

  4. SpongeBob says:

    NaNaNaNa NaNaNaNa……

  5. David Diano says:

    Jerry Mulligan and Jessica-

    I haven’t been predicting Kane’s “imminent demise” every week for the past six months.

  6. Jerry Mulligan says:

    Jessica, is it possible to be dumber than Diano? Oh yeah his screen name is HAHaHa.

  7. Montco PA Dem says:

    Kane news conference/statement @ 1:30P today. I’m guessing at the least it’s conceding that she won’t file to run in November, with an outside chance that she’ll actually resign. We’ll see in three hours (unless it leaks before then, always a possibility with this office).

  8. David Diano says:


    Typo: meant DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse).

  9. HaHaHa says:

    DD – what is DWS?

  10. gulagPittsburgh says:

    The word is circulating that there could be a connection between Graci and Eakin that was leaked by Castille after his private dinner with DeNaples. Great journalism here, said Cruz as he reputedly had a secret deal with Carson to leak his leaving race, so Kane could be replaced as AG by Castille. Great job of making a possible connection to Kane there.

  11. David Diano says:


    So, far, so good. I keep waiting for all those shoes to drop. It sounds like it’s going to be like an earthquake at DWS.

  12. Unknown says:

    Diano: I have been stressing for some time that all that has transpired in PA politics in recent years is interconnected. And your West Chester friend lies at the heart of it all…

  13. Rollo thomassey says:

    Jess: be nice or she will beat you up.

  14. Jessica Myers says:

    RR — EEK. You’re dumber than Diano.

  15. Rollo thomassey says:

    Rhonda: Big fan, but stick to cage fighting. Government can always secretly wire tap pursuant to a court order and sometimes otherwise. That’s why a reckless or undisciplined D.A., like Zappala can be so dangerous, especially when he has a private agenda. I heard that you were on the cover of S.I.’s swimsuit edition this week. I will slaughter a bottle of Jameson in your honor.

  16. Rohnda Roussey says:

    Pennsylvania is a 2 Party consent State on Wire Taps so Both Parties have to give consent to be recorded Those Fed wire Taps are Illegal and can be Punished with Jail Time and Fines

  17. Marie says:

    This is going to be HUGE. The truth is finally going to come out. Fina is probably scurrying to cut a deal; he’s probably offering up Seth Williams to the FBI right now.

    Williams got into bed with the wrong people. He is already paying for that. And it will only get worse. Fina and his pals are BAD NEWS.

  18. David Diano says:

    Are these the aides that testified against Kane? Does it include the aide who wanted to take over her job?


    No mention of Kane herself being wiretapped.

  19. Rollo thomassey says:

    Ok. So an insider took a leak on Bumstead. That’s not very uncommon, but the leaker must be brought to justice. In the name of God, do we have the cojones to do this…or are we just jerking off? This is certainly a case for the F.B.I.

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