Arlen Specter for Mayor?

A recent poll puts the five-term Senator in the lead in a hypothetical primary for Philly Mayor (though he has not signaled so much as a whisper of interest).

Phil Heron of the Delco Daily Times has the story.

Note: PoliticsPA was unable to locate any evidence that the polling firm, Apex Public Opinion Research, has ever released a poll before. Or for that matter, that it actually exists. But “Mayor Specter” certainly is an interesting idea.

Here are the numbers:

Specter – 28 percent
Nutter – 19 percent
Sam Katz – 9 percent
Anthony Hardy Wiliams – 8 percent
Tom Knox – 7 percent
Bob Brady – 6 percent
Alan Butkovitz – 6 percent

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One thought on “Arlen Specter for Mayor?”

  1. Brett Heffner says:

    To my knowledge, Katz remains a Republican and is unlikely to switch, despite the sorry state of his party in the city. He knows that he’ll have more power where he is than from what the Democrats have to offer him. He, Specter, and Rendell are members of the same synagogue in West Falls and Katz knows all too well what happened with Specter this year.

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