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Asher Endorses Romney

By Ali Carey, Contributing Writer

It probably comes as little surprise – observers for months have said that Mitt Romney would be the strongest Republican presidential hopeful in the Philadelphia suburbs. SEPA political powerhouse Bob Asher has thrown his support behind the former Massachusetts Governor.

Asher has been one of Pa.’s RNC committee members for over two decades. An influential donor, his support is seen as key in the state – particularly his home base in southeast Pa.

In a statement from the Romney campaign, Asher praised the Governor.

“For the last three years, the middle class has shrunk due to President Obama’s rampant government spending and burdensome regulations that inhibit small businesses,” he said. “The American people need someone in Washington who knows how the real world works. Mitt Romney has spent his life as a conservative businessman and he’s the candidate we need to turn around this country.”

“Throughout his time in Pennsylvania politics, Bob has fought for conservative principles like cutting taxes, growing our economy, and making sure we give all Americans the opportunity to succeed. In the months to come, I look forward to working with Bob to spread my message of job creation through a ‘Simpler, Smaller, and Smarter’ federal government,” Romney said.

According to the latest Morning Call/ Mulhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinionpolling of Pa. voters, Obama tops Romney by only 4 points and only a slight plurality would choose Obama over an unnamed Republican candidate in a head-to-head matchup.

Asher endorsed Rudy Giuliani in 2008, but his support was featured in a damaging ABC news report that highlighted the committeeman’s 1987 arrest and conviction for perjury and racketeering, among other charges.

6 Responses

  1. A lot of questions remain about why Bob Asher and Budd Dwyer took the fall for so many crooked Republicans in ’87, but he nonetheless WAS CONVICTED AND WENT TO PRISON. You can still be a political powerhouse and stay behind the scenes. Why does he feel the need to try and put himself in the limelight?

  2. Say Again? Asher’s support was a major national embarrassment to Rudy and contributed to Rudy having to leave the race after hiding in the back seat of his limo to avoid ABC News cameras doing the story. I do agree with one part of what you say. Asher is always thinking of how HE can influence the candidate and later the office holder. Some, like Tom Ridge and Tom Corbett, do well. Some, like Barbara Hafer, get slaughtered. Some, like Jim Matthews, get arrested and follow in Asher’s footsteps to jail. Asher is a cancer on the GOP and a very dangerous man.

  3. Asher will save the PAGOP from the hard right lunge of the Tea Party by endorsing Romney. Say what you want about Asher, but he’s ALWAYS thinking about the future of the party and his influence on it. The party needs new blood and Asher is clearly looking who best can draw more people to the fold and win elections.

  4. Who is doing research for Romney? Didn’t they know that Rudy got banged around for accepting Asher’s help? Maybe ABC this time won’t be the only outlet to do so. Anything to help their guy Obama. I just don’t get this at all.

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