Assistant U.S. Attorney Enters Race to Replace Meehan

Former assistant U.S. Attorney Ashley Lunkenheimer, a Democrat, announced she is joining the crowded field vying to replace retiring Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware).

“I was watching what was happening in our community and I felt compelled to try and change it. I think my background is different and perfect for addressing a lot of the needs of this district,” Lunkenheimer told the Inquirer in an interview announcing her candidacy.  

Lunkenheimer told the paper she wants to make affordable healthcare and improving schools the main part of her platform.  

In an odd twist, Lunkenheimer was hired as a assistant U.S. attorney by Meehan, the person she is running to replace.  

Lunkenheimer told the Inquirer she has raised $70,000 from donors since she filed her paperwork to run on Friday.

CIA Counter-Intelligence Officer Shelly Chauncey, Elizabeth Moro, a realtor; attorney Dan Muroff; Molly Sheehan, a biomedical researcher in the race; and state Rep. Greg Vitali (D-Montgomery) are also running for the seat. State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) announced for the seat, but has taken a “step back” from his campaign after facing his own sexual harassment allegations.

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  1. Maybe Ashley’s mom, Molly Sheppard should run: Look at that impressive resume and donor base. “Molly has served as co-chair for Women Against MS for the past five years and is a member of the Board of Directors for The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Greater Delaware Chapter. As founder of the Women’s Initiative for The United Way of Southeastern PA, Molly actively serves as Chairman Emeritus. She is also currently active as: Chairman Emeritus of WHYY Inc., President Emeritus of the Pennsylvania Women’s Forum, and is a member of the Board of Directors of The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Molly has previously served as a member of the Boards of Directors for The American Heart Association of Southeastern PA, Keystone Financial Inc., Keystone Bank N.A., Rosemont College, Liberty Savings Bank, a subsidiary of Equimark Corporation, the Kimmel Center, the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education Board of Overseers, and the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.”

    1. This list makes you wonder why Ashley has never served on any boards or volunteered for any of these organizations. She has so much money and connections and yet her first venture into service is to run for US Congress. What an entitled rich kid. It’s like the GOP running Don Jr. for Congress.

      Yes, her rich, but serving, mom wold be a much better choice.

  2. You could find something wrong with anyone’s background. Barack Obama, a mere “community organizer,” right? Voters ought to hear the candidates speak for themselves and also not let “party leaders” dictate choices, as they did in the 2010 US Senate race that resulted in Pat Meehan being elected although even then he was far to the right of his constituents.

  3. Nothing screams progressive Democrat like a hard-on-crime rich kid who has never done anything for her community and works as a health insurance corporate lawyer.

    No amount of money will make me vote for somebody with her background. It’s 100% wrong for Delaware County and for Democrats. It’s only marginally better than a CIA agent.

    wtf Dems! The only thing that might be worse is if you recruit a Sunoco executive.

    1. I’m not sure how to reconcile your statement that she “has never done anything for her community” with the fact that she prosecuted violent drug dealers and white collar criminals in District 7 for 10 years… You must have a weird definition of community service.

      1. Maybe Judy does not think locking people up is the ONLY definition of community service. Perhaps their are other examples of community service she finds more admirable. IJS

          1. With the exception of veterans, I do not consider the job which you are paid for “community service”. Service is something you do without compensation. You may admire her job, that’s fine. But I mean that she’s never gone beyond her own career to help her community. She’s not in any political activism, she’s never run for office, she serves on no boards despite having easy access to all these things due to her mom’s connections. I want my congressional candidate to have been involved in the community, on their own time and dime, before they run for office. This should be a a first parlay into talking to your neighbors and serving them.

  4. Note: isn’t Shelly Chauncey an Ex-CIA officer?
    Note 2: Daylin stepped back and fell off the cliff. I’ll be surprised if he bothers to circulate petitions and be on the ballot at this point. (especially considering how the new district will look)

    $70,000 in 4 days. Sounds impressive.
    What is the Primary vs General contribution breakdown?

    I think the limit is $2,700 for each, so $5,400 combined.

    So, at a minimum, she has 14 donors doing the max (of which half would not available for the primary, and would be returned if she’s unsuccessful in May).

    At the max, 70,000 primary donors giving a dollar each (which would be almost double the expected voter turnout for the primary).

    So, it’s somewhere between 14 and 70,000 donors. 🙂

        1. Its another big YAWN candidate in a crowded sleeper of a field. Come on Dems, get out of the box why dont we.

    1. It would be more impressive if her mom wasn’t Molly Shepard, who I’m sure can bring in a ton of max out donors with a few phone calls. I’m done with the entitled kids of aristocrats. Raising money as a filthy rich person is not a sign of strength, it’s just a sign of richness.

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