Auditor Candidate Maher Takes Third in Milk-Chugging Contest

Monday Peters Patch reported that state Rep. John Maher (R-Allegheny) – who is also running for Auditor General and chair the House’s Agricultural Committee – went to the Washington County Fair.

A love of competition is usually rooted deeply within politicians, and Maher was no different.

According to Patch, that day Maher “strategized with his team that went on to win a county fair third place ribbon for milk chugging.”

Although Maher isn’t milking his victory, PoliticsPA wondered what his opponent, fellow state Rep. Eugene DePasquale (D-York), would think of Maher’s performance.

His campaign manager Liz Wagenseller said, “If the DePasquale campaign needed a milk chugging contestant, it would be Eugene’s wife, Tracey DePasquale. She grew up on a dairy farm in Franklin County, and would likely place higher than third in a contest.”

The Maher campaign respectfully disagrees. Campaign spokesperson Brent Littlefield said, “We certainly would not question the roots of a family member, but we feel confident after all of the work John Maher has done as Chairman of the Agriculture Committee that the ag community recognizes him as the ‘cream of the crop.'”

Holy cow! Do we hear a challenge in those remarks?

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3 thoughts on “Auditor Candidate Maher Takes Third in Milk-Chugging Contest”

  1. Tim says:

    What a GREAT Grass Roots event. Just remember CPA for PA John Maher!

  2. John says:

    So this explains why he was not in Carnegie yesterday….

  3. NEPADem says:

    Forget the election the office should hinge on a milk chugging challenge.

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