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Axelrod Stumps for Murphy

Veteran political operative and Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod met with top Patrick Murphy supporters during a strategy session Monday in Philadelphia, a signal that President Barack Obama is supportive of Murphy’s bid for Pa. Attorney General.

Axelrod is credited with helping to craft Obama’s 2008 election strategy.

“There is nobody I know who exemplifies that ethic more than Patrick Murphy, who has served his country so honorably, served his community so honorably,” Axelrod said. “I’ve never met anyone who impressed me more than Patrick in terms of that commitment and that sense of service. This is a guy who represents a better future for Pennsylvania.”

During his tenure in Congress, Murphy was a strong political ally of President Obama.

“President Obama has never had a better friend in politics than Patrick Murphy.  He was with us early, he was a great supporter of the election, but more importantly he was a leader we could count on to help end the war in Iraq and repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Patrick has taken up fights for people, not for special interests, but for people who needed a voice,” Axelrod said.

It could be cast as a proxy rematch of the 2008 presidential primary.

Kathleen Kane is a former prosecutor from Lackawanna County. She picked up a major endorsement a few weeks ago from former President Bill Clinton.

Kane campaigned for Clinton in 2008; Murphy endorsed Obama. Clinton won Pa. by nearly 10 points.

19 Responses

  1. I agree with Joe in Wynnewood..Patrick Murphy executes on plans, he backed Obama and that was more important than his own immediate political aspirations. Seniors, DADT, his military service (stand on the wall fellas)…that is the mark of a man who knows the law , believes in the future and knows how to translate that knowledge to action!

  2. Have any of you Murphy bashers ever met the guy? Do you have any idea how much work he put into the successful repeal of DADT (despite the sky will fall and our military will collapse fear mongering from GOP homophobes – notice how the sky is intact and our soldiers have taken it all easily in stride just as Murphy said they could and would)?

    Murphy is a class act, sharp and capable, an all around quality person who can win in November. The level of his grassroots support shouts loud and clear who is the better candidate.

  3. Murphy is low on resources because of the “entourage” of staffers (many of them from his former Congressional office) that he has on the payroll. Foolish use of campaign resources. Hey – didn’t see that he mentioned his Congressional service in his tv ad. Guess he doesn’t want to be viewed as the insider/career politician that he is.

  4. Murphy hopped on board early with Obama and was a great tool for the Obama campaign to work into their overall strategy when needed. By supporting Obama so early, he basically put his congressional seat on the line and set himself up to pay a dear price in 2010.

    I can only imagine Murphy’s response when his request for an Obama endorsement came back with “David Axelrod is coming to town to fundraise. We’ll let him endorse you.” Anyone comparing an Axelrod endorsement to a President Clinton endorsement is crazy.

    My prediction: Clinton’s endorsement of Kane will push her over the top and this campaign will be the 2nd that Murphy loses as a result of his Obama support.

  5. Axelrod’s endorsement signifies the Obama support of Murphy’s candidacy. Obama can’t come out for Murphy because it’s a presidential election year. The idea the Clinton give a damn about Kane is hilarious. And as for the matter of finances, are you people really bragging about the fact that you’re candidate can’t raise money on her own? Murphy has to raise what over a million dollars. The amount of money he’s raised to date shows his support. Kane has raised $50,000 on her own. Most of which was from rich family friends and business associates of her husbands anti-union country. What a democrat. I’m a republican so I hope Kane wins. Freed will be a lock.

  6. Murphy-Axelrod-Obama tells you all you need to know about Democratic Insider Establishment Endorsed Patrick Murphy. There is a reason Patrick Murphy lost to Mike Fitzpatrick and that was because of the fiscally reckless policies of the Obama Administration. Mike Fitzpatrick had support of the Tea Party although he is more of a conventional BucksCo Republican.

    Trillions spent and where are the jobs? the adults are spending the kids money. Not the way it is supposed to be.

  7. Kane hasnt raised enough money to pay the electric bill. Her multi-millionaire husband is financing her campaign. And an endorsement from Axelrod is an endorsement from Obama. Kane can’t buy that like she did Clinton’s. Im sure she will be the ringleader of “Democrats for Freed” after the primary.

  8. Axelrod on the scene only further confirms what the majority of people already know; i.e., Murphy is nothing more than a Soros-owned puppet used by the Progressives collectively referred to as the DNC.

  9. So TJ, are you really comparing an endorsement by David Axelrod with that of President Clinton? President Clinton is the most popular Democrat in Pennsylvania and a former PRESIDENT. I am sure Axelrod is a great guy and an awesome Democrat, but he is not William Jefferson Clinton. Let’s see how low on resources Murph is when the finance report is released.

  10. So Murphy’s campaign is desperate because David Axelrod endorsed him but Kathleen Kane’s campaign wasn’t when President Clinton endorsed her? That doesn’t make any sense. Clinton wouldn’t have touched this race with a 10 foot poll if Kane didn’t donate a boat load of money to Hillary and work for her in the primary. And please, this is a women that hasn’t worked as an ADA since 2007. Is she really as qualified as she says she is? Doubtful. Nominate Kane. Dave Freed will be our next Republican Attorney General.

  11. Murphy does exactly as he was told to by the far left in the DNC. they will now help him even thou he will be trounced by Freed in a general election. Murphy is a prime example of what is wrong with pandering politics.
    Ask hime how as an incumbant he lost by 10 points. Was it because people didn’t buy his shtick about leading troops into battle?

  12. Murphy’s campaign is hitting the skids. They had to call in Axelrod because they know they’re in trouble. Cash is low and they have no record to run on. I don’t think Axelrod is the answer to jumpstart the campaign, though.

  13. Murphy is a con-artist. He and his campaign engaged in an illegal voter fraud scheme. They targeted the poor, minority, welfare voter and tricked them into voting. Now they’re going to rely on them to win in two weeks. He is going to have trouble though, without Obama on the ticket with opposition, the minority Philadelphia vote won’t turn-out. Murphy would break the law to win, now we want him as “the law?”

  14. No “political hack,” Patrick Murphy not only served two terms in Congress but before that taught constitutional law at West Point and prosecuted criminals in the U.S. armed forces, including volunteering to serve in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne.

  15. Murphy’s a selfless servant? BAHAHAHA. He’s a political hack and the fact that Axelrod is here for him proves he has no business being AG.

  16. If people view the race objectively, removing their biases as to who they support, everybody knows Murphy has been the significant favorite in the primary since the beginning of the campaign. Whether you like it or not, Murphy wins by a margin of 20$ (60%-40%) or more.

  17. Axelrod put it very well. Patrick Murphy exemplifies everything that is good about politics. He is a true selfless servant.

  18. Sounds like Murphy campaign is worried if they need to pull in Axelrod.

    The other possibility is that they just think Murphy will win the primary, and they want to plan general election strategy.

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