Ballot Positions Determined


The casting of lots is complete and candidates’ position on the May 17 primary ballot has been determined. 


Here is a look at the order for the statewide offices of senator, governor and lieutenant governor.


U.S. Senator



1. Alex Khalil

2. Conor Lamb

3. Malcolm Kenyatta

4. Kevin Baumlin

5. John Fetterman



1. Kathy Barnette

2. Mehmet Oz

3. George Bochetto

4. Jeff Bartos

5. Dave McCormick

6. Sean Gale

7. Carla Sands





1. Josh Shapiro



1. Lou Barletta

2. Douglas V. Mastriano

3. Nche Zama

4. Dave White

5. Melissa Hart

6. Bill McSwain

7. Charlie Gerow

8. Joe Gale

9. Jake Corman


Lieutenant Governor



1. Austin Davis

2. Ray Sosa

3. Brian Sims



1. Clarice Schillinger

2. James Earl Jones

3. Rick Saccone

4. John Brown

5. Chris Frye

6. Jeff Coleman

7. Russ Diamond

8. Carrie Lewis Delrosso

9. Teddy Daniels


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18 thoughts on “Ballot Positions Determined”

  1. John Q. Public says:

    What a murder’s row running for Governor! Is this really the best Pennsylvania has to offer? The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for clearing the deck of the Titanic for Shapiro. The Republicans have a candidate pool in dire need of chlorine. Maybe it is time to break the Commonwealth up into portions and lease it to our neighboring states. That would certainly address the future “deficit” that Republicans want us to believe is coming.

    Sorry folks in the east, you are stuck with New Jersey, but at least you won’t have to worry about any of these buffoons running for governor potentially ruining your lives.

    1. Carolyn Bonkoski says:

      Obviously you have not heard or seen Dr. Nche Zama, or read his book which you can get on Amazon it’s called “mommy please don’t die” read it and then come back with your enlightened opinion.

    2. eagleswing says:

      Join Shapiro did a phoenomenal job on criminal investigations that clueless lazy or crooked previous GOPer atty gens abandoned . he’ll do a great job as governor.

  2. Sgt Seatbelt says:

    I don’t believe Mastriano can win in the fall, doubt Lou can either. Shapiro can be beat by a candidate with suburban appeal and conservative credentials.

    1. Carolyn Bonkoski says:

      That would be Dr. Nche Zama 🇺🇸

  3. McCormick Staffer says:

    Dammit Kathy got that #1 slot giving her a 1% boost. Time to run attack ads against her

    1. AlliKate says:

      Dirty politics doesn’t work. Major turn off for voters.

      1. gulagpittsburgh says:

        If true, why do GOP keep doing dirty tricks?

        1. gulagpittsburgh says:

          If true, why to despicable Dems keep doing dirty tricks?

    2. Carolyn Bonkoski says:

      Dr. Nche Zama, got the lucky number three position! 😊👍🌞

  4. Abe Lincoln says:

    I think the symbolism of drawing the last position on a ballot doesn’t bode well for a campaign. Lou and Mastriano drawing number 1 and 2 on the ballot is a political sign of where the campaign is going for R’s for Gov. A Trumper will be nominated. Sen Corman drawing last is like the “day old bread sale” campaign. It’s going nowhere.

    1. Carolyn Bonkoski says:

      Not true. You could be the first to pick from the hat and you could draw the last position.

  5. gulagpittsburgh says:

    Doug Mariano: # 2 on the ballot, #1 in my heart!

    1. gulagputtsburgh says:

      100% agree

      1. gulagpittsburgh says:

        Never heard of this dick. Must be related to this imposter poster or maybe the imposter himself. Both of the above posts are from the imposter.

        1. gulagpittsburgh says:

          I absolutely know Doug Mastriano is the best candidate for guv. The above post is from the fake poster imposter.

      2. Carolyn Bonkoski says:

        Dr. Nche Zama Lucky #3 on the ballot #1 class A and future governor of PA. Read his book “mommy please don’t die” get it on Amazon

        1. Joy B. Luck says:

          Shapiro is a religious bigot – hates People of faith and his badge of honor was to sue the Little Sisters of the Poor. What a slime ball. Never prosecuted a single criminal.

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