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Barbin Jumps into Commonwealth Court Race

BarbinState Representative Bryan Barbin (D-Cambria) is throwing his name into the mix for one of the two open seats on the Commonwealth Court.  

“I have spent time in each branch of government,” Barbin said in a phone interview.  

“Commonwealth Court judges apply the rules found in the Constitution, not just the rights of the citizens, but the process of enactment of laws and judges with my experience can see the legislative record and gain additional insight and perspective other judges might now have,” he said.  

Barbin is serving his fifth term in the State House.  He has served in all three branches of government, having been a clerk to former Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Henry O’Brien, and a deputy attorney general.  

“I spent time in each branch, and saw that it is helpful to have judges with legislative experience who know that they are looking at,” Barbin said of his benefits of his experience.  

Barbin is one of a dwindling number of Democratic Representatives from western Pa. He is a ‘blue dog’ Democrat, a former Democratic chair of the House pro-life caucus. He currently chairs the House Game and Fisheries Committee.  

“Having everyone on board is very important for any court, but more so on the Commonwealth Court that protects people’s rights.  Part of that is having geographical and ideological balance on the court,” Barbin said.  

If Barbin were to win the race for the Commonwealth Court, it would be a battle for the House Democrats to hold onto his seat.  It has been a heavily targeted seat by Republicans since 2010. 

Barbin joins Timothy Barry, James C. Crumlish III, Irene McLaughlin Clark, Joe Cosgrove, Todd Eagen and Ellen Ceisler as Democratic candidates for the two open seats on the Commonwealth Court.  The Court currently has six Republicans and one Democrat.

Note: Barbin was given a “Recommended” rating by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

12 Responses

  1. Pro-life, anti-LGBT voting record. Yeah, that’ll go over well in the primary. NOT.

  2. Hold on. Aren’t Crumlish and Babin partners at the same law firm? And they are running against each other? That’s awkward.

  3. I will NOT be voting for Barbin to get the endorsement. No more of these “pro fetus” fools running as Democrats, and especially not as an appellate court judge. Time for the Democratic Party to start acting like REAL Democrats because as the old saying goes, if people want a Republican they will vote for a real one every time. The Blue Dogs have had their 15 minutes. Go away.

  4. I have known Bryan Barbin for many years. He is a good guy and a fine attorney. He is the type of Democrat I could see myself voting in a general election if I do not care for one of the Republican candidates,

  5. No matter what color, dogs are just dogs. Throw in a bit of pro life, stir, and you have an unflushed toilet.

  6. Please work with the state Representatives and senate to get a Bill passed to help all child Victims of Sexual abuse . This has to include Retroactive because other wise it will keep happening. By the time the Child get’s the courage to come forward it is 20 years or more after the fact, mentally they Are children and their childhood was stolen along with their souls, this must be Corrected. There must be accountability. They live with daily, some have committed suisidsuicide,been on drugs still and use alcohol to Forget the horror they suffered at the hands of their priests and people they trusted and had to deal with, parents trusted them and the child paid the price, please help them before your term is up.

  7. Jose would be incredible state representative. Although it would have been nice to know of Mr Barbin’s plans prior to November 9.

  8. Jose Otero is my pick to replace Rep. Barbin. Thank you Mr. Barbin for your service. Let’s turn this seat red! Look forward to working with you Future Rep. Jose Otero.

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