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Barking up the Right Tree: Rep. Barletta’s Dog Dubbed Cutest on Capitol Hill

Riley, an 18-month-old English cream golden retriever and “best friend” of Representative Lou Barletta, (bow)-wowed IJReview judges in the search for the cutest dog on Capitol Hill.

After digging up the likes, dislikes, ages, and breeds of the Hill’s dogs, the IJReview newsroom voted on the cutest ones. The pups’ political affiliations were not taken into consideration in an effort to remain objective and fair.

Out of the 11 dogs that were ranked, Riley landed the number one spot.

Riley enjoys spending every day in Barletta’s office, playing with kids and other dogs, and receiving belly rubs.

His dislikes are few, but include getting in the car. Each time he must be carried into the car by the Congressman.

9 Responses

  1. I got a great tip: “The anonymous posters on PoliticsPA are pretty worthless”

  2. Abby-

    Actually, I was busy and didn’t even notice the story until late. So, no restraint expended. 🙂

    I was at two different parties yesterday, a BBQ and a candidate political event.

  3. Well look people, it’s either an article about somebody’s cute dog, or this website will tell us all once again how influential Brian sims is in his own mind.

  4. David must be a hoot at parties. Or at least the one he was invited to that one time.

  5. David, David. There was probably a pool to guess how long it would take you to comment on the lamest story. I guess this one kept you up for a bit & you just had to give in. Kudos for your restraint to hold off till the next “day”.

  6. I don’t know any of the contributing writers, or Christina Martin specifically, so I have to ask:

    1) Is she 10 years old?
    2) Was this “bring your daughter to work day” at PoliticsPA?
    3) Is there an office contest/bet among the writers as to who can convince the editor to print the lamest story? (if so, what it the prize?)

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