Barletta Announces Political Director and Press Secretary

Congressman Lou Barletta’s Senate campaign announced Lynn Lawson as its Political Director and David Jackson as its Press Secretary.

“I’m thrilled to have Lynn and David join our campaign in these important roles.  We are building a first-class team with the experience needed to get our message to voters across Pennsylvania and win this November,” Barletta said.  

Lawson was formerly Governor Tom Corbett’s official office communications director and was the campaign spokesperson for former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge.  Lawson also worked in the Office of Intergovernmental and Political Affairs in the President George W. Bush administration.

Jackson worked for Barletta’s Congressional office as the communications director, after working as senior legislative assistant and press secretary for South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan.

16 Responses

  1. Lou voted for the bloated omnibus budget. He is no fiscal conservative. Vote Dale Kerns!

  2. Barletta has “represented” my district since 2010. Constituents can’t find him with a searchlight — hasn’t held an open Town Hall since 2011. Rode into the U.S. House in the wave election of 2010 running as an anti immigrant extremist. To burnish those creds as Mayor of the small city of Hazleton he enacted and then defended a series of ant- immigrant ordinances that the courts promptly struck down as unconstitutional. This happened after Lou defended them — at a cost to the taxpayers of over $1 million in legal fees. Since Barletta left relations between the immigrant community and traditional residents have vastly improved., Barletta is a divider — not a unifier. I’d sooner vote for his orthodontist than for Barletta.

  3. Barletta is running in the wrong cycle. Trump has turned into a negative to be linked to with all the back and forth over Muller investigation and the recent raid by the authorities with his personal lawyer–it’s not a race for Lou to be saddled with the Trump brand. Lou’s woes with this race with the Trump connection are problematic for the down ballot Republican candidates.

  4. Lynn Lawson was a total full sweat nightmare when she worked for Corbett. She was offensive and condescending to so many R donors and members of the press—not well liked among so many Republicans. She had a whole lot to do with Gov Corbett’s loss. Gave him very bad advice. Horrible choice by Lou.

    1. I would strongly and respectfully disagree with GPS4GOVT. Lynn Lawson is “good people.” Great political instincts, communication skills and no one works harder. She is very sharp and what she doesn’t know, she is not afraid to admit and ask for help from her very large network of politico pros. Good move by Lou.

      1. Sean is right. Barletta and whoever comes out of the Gubernatorial primary are going to lose. Pandering to the few means losing in November.

      1. The bar for intelligence in this race is pretty low but Casey is better organized and well funded. He’ll beat Barletta. Lou hasn’t realized yet (he may never) that he has to earn the votes of more than just the hand full of mouth breathers he’s been pandering to.

  5. Casey’s Political Director and Press Secretary aren’t concerned. 🙂

    They know that Barletta’s problem IS his message to voters.

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