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Barletta Raised Nearly $1.3 Million in Q2

Another quarter, another million.

Rep. Lou Barletta’s campaign for Senate raised $1.28 million in the 2nd quarter, slightly higher than the previous quarter’s total of $1.26M. This is the second consecutive quarter that the Barletta campaign raised over $1 million.  

Based on his report last quarter, his campaign spent over $1.3 million in the second quarter, leaving him with $1.56M cash on hand.

Barletta’s opponent, Sen. Bob Casey, released his 2Q totals earlier this week. Casey’s campaign also matched its previous quarters total by raising $2.2 million. The incumbent spent $2.3 million and has $9.8 million cash on hand. 

Fundraising has been a constant question for Barletta, who is at a disadvantage versus an incumbent with a statewide network that spans decades. But help is on the way. Barletta has a fundraising event on the horizon: Vice President Mike Pence will visit the Union League in Philadelphia on July 23. This is Pence’s second visit to the city of Brotherly Love in as many months for fundraising purposes.

12 Responses

  1. Interesting that congressional candidate Chrissy Houlahan has 50% more cash on hand than senatorial candidate Lou Barletta. Doesn’t bode well for Lou. Or for Greg McCauley.

    1. I guess that Republicans don’t want to waste their money flushing it down the “Lou”. 🙂

    2. Do they know he’s running a statewide, U.S. Senate race and not one for state Senate? Maybe they are confused.

  2. British MP Nigel Farage, Putin stooge and Brexit mouthpiece, will appear at a Barletta fund raiser in Harvey’s Lake, PA on Friday. In addition Farage was caught slinking into the Ecuadorian embassy in London wherein WikiLeaks major domo Julian Assange has been shielding himself from certain arrest if he sets foot outside it. WikiLeaks was the conduit for the stolen emails recently cited inn the Mueller indictments of Russian Intelligence officers. Lip-sync Lou is in way over his head here.

    1. Attempts to impugn via guilt-by-association isn’t justified and, instead, impugn the credibility of the poster.

      For example:


      ht tps:// m/2017/11/02/no-nigel-farage-didnt-say-something-anti-semitic-on-his-radio-show/

  3. Congratulations on bringing in V.P. Pence. He is a fantastic campaigner. Looking forward to a Rally with the President.

    1. Are we talking about the same Mike Pence? He’s about as exciting as bowl of shredded wheat.

  4. Recalling how unreliable anti-Semite d2 has been over the years, it is best to recognize that this will probably be a close race, that The Donald will undoubtedly rally on his behalf, that the red economic tsunami could allow PA to repeat its surprise-results this year, and that this is a nationalized election that entails linking positively with Pence.

    1. Robert Sklaroff, m.d.: NOT!

      Why don’t you go back to trying to sue people, and losing!

  5. What a waste. Lou-ser Barletta’s toast in November! Go Casey! As for Pence and Trump, they may get their rubber stamp big business owned hyperpartisan justice Kavanaugh …. but their party ends in November. They’ll be crying to Putin and all the racists in Continental Europe like Orban ans Salvini!

    As for candidate Wagner, I’d like to vote for him (voting straight party line ain’t a good thing and he’s the only decent R I see) and he’d be wise to keep it local and keep away from the DC GOP poison.

  6. Being associated with a dipsh*t like Pence isn’t going to help Barletta.

    Barletta is spending money faster than he’s raising it. $1.5 million cash on hand is about a week of TV advertising. There is only 1 more “quarter” left until the election.

    Casey is going to destroy Barletta. It won’t even be close.

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