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Barletta to Challenge Casey in 2018

BarlettaCongressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) has reportedly told GOP officials he will enter the race to challenge Senator Bob Casey next year.

According to a tweet from the Associated Press Barletta disclosed his decision today.

Barletta is currently serving his fourth term in Congress.

He was rumored to be considering the run after discussions with President Trump where Trump urged him to run.  Trump gave Barletta a shout out during a roundtable discussion on immigration reform, asking Barletta if he was running for Governor.

Barletta was an early supporter of Trump, and would likely have the support of the Trump organization in his run.  His standing within the state party would also likely help him attempt to earn the endorsement next year.

PoliticsPA has reached out to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party for comment on this story.

Update: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party took Barletta’s decision as chance to hit him on stance on healthcare, and labeled him as out of touch.

“If Congressman Lou Barletta thinks voting to raise health care costs for seniors, gut protections for those with preexisting conditions, and send premiums skyrocketing will earn him a promotion, he’s in for a rude awakening. Congressman Barletta is out of step with Pennsylvania values and in the pocket of D.C. Republicans and wealthy special interests. That’s why he’s supported privatizing Social Security, voucherizing Medicare and a health care age tax for older Pennsylvanians,” Pennsylvania Democratic Party Spokesman Max Steele said in a release.

Barletta will join businessmen Paul Addis and Jeff Bartos, and State Representatives Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) and Jim Christiana (R-Beaver), and RNC Delegate Andrew Schektor in the race.  Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Butler) is also considering a run.

36 Responses

  1. Barletta’s first challenge will be to win the nomination without alienating badly needed Republican voters. If he can do this, he stands a very good chance against Casey. But while Wolf may vulnerable this election year, Casey will be a very hard target. Barletta will have to campaign long and hard to overcome Casey’s incumbency and name recognition. The impact on the election by a strong candidate running against Wolf, and support by Trump, could help Barletta quite a bit.

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  3. Notwithstanding the glib comments of anonymous Dems on this page, the reader may wish to weigh what I wrote on another PoliticsPa page regarding this race:

    If The Donald pushed Barletta to run, this suggests that he wants to see the field cleared to avoid internal strife, despite the potential qualities of others [including Bartos, who otherwise is high-quality]; Barletta was a superb debater @ Temple Law, years ago, when discussing Illegals and, thus, would probably be formidable against the experienced empty-suit [having demonstrated a voting pattern that his father would have abhorred] incumbent.

    htt p://ww w.politicspa.c om/kelly-will-not-run-for-senate/839 86/#comments

  4. You are all scaring me. This guy is worse than Casey and Trump and rinos support him??

  5. R the rumors about Greg Rothman running for Lou’s seat true? I certainly hope soo.

  6. Barletta was a disappointment mayor of Hazleton. He has been a major disappointment in congress. He gets reelected because he rants against anyone who has skin with a slightly different color. I don’t believe this will hold up for a state wide race.

  7. I’m glad to see this, because if he is the nominee, then Casey will win for sure. Lou had done nothing for his district or his country. He only cares about the Rich, ask people in Hazelton Pa or other areas if he cares. I don’t agree with everything with Casey, but he is way better then Lou.

  8. no free ride to general for Lou. One thinks he has the money, the other has geography. Then Lou gets to run in a bad cycle. Trump throws another one under the bus.

  9. Lou Barletta’s candidacy will be like the Ron Klink candidacy in this cycle…remember him?

  10. Dems will have to work hard on this race, because Democratic leaders in the Philly ‘burbs have no idea what they’re doing at any level of politics. ChesCo, DelCo and Bucks Democratic leadership think they are Gods Gifts to the World, yet continually fail the Democratic Party as a whole. Shame!

  11. i’m still planning on supporting Bob Casey for his reelection bid in 2018 but nothing is going to change that.

  12. But how will Barletta get ahead of the many qualified Congressmen who need a job after the 2018 election? Well…at least more qualified than Barletta, which is a very low bar.

    1. Congressman losing in 2018? You must be talking about Matt Cartwright. Yeah, don’t worry about Matt. The Munley lawfirm will accept him back with open arms.

    1. Actually it is not as an uphill battle as you might think if he can maintain the Trump map from 2016. If he keeps Luzerne and Erie counties, takes Leigh, Berks, Montco or Delco and keeps Casey at 60 percent in Lackawanna county where he does have a lot of popularity then he will win this race

        1. I think Toomey and Corbett lost Montco in 2010. Montco has become very ethnic not really a swing county anymore. Maybe he was talking about Bucks County.

        2. Oh really the “Dem” account doesn’t think Barletta will do well..shocker..

      1. Only way Barletta wins is if he wins the 2016 Trump Map, but what you explained was NOT how Trump won. That is how Toomey won in 2016. Trump won by kicking the shit out of Clinton in all of the Republican counties, just by 5-8% more than expected at each of them. It is all about the political climate in 458 days. If this Russia stuff keeps going or gets worse, Barletta will wish he never ran.

  13. Casey will win this…. Barletta just angling for a Cabinet post consolation prize after he loses this in a busy revolving door administration.

  14. I hope Andrew Lewis lives in this District now. He would make a great candidate.

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